Barry Crommelin

Remembering Barry Crommelin

Barry Crommelin of Perth, Western Australia passed away on April 10, his 83rd year following a lengthy battle with mantle cell lymphoma. In 1958 Barry founded the notable Crommelin Chemicals business which has become a leading supplier of waterproofing products and sealants in Australia and Asia. He was active in civic politics having served as shire president of the Peppermint Grove community in Perth. Barry was also passionate about the Crommelin family and in the process of compiling a history of the English aspect of the family with the help of an eminent genealogist in Britain. Barry was survived by Carole, his wife of 45 years, and sons, Tim and Peter and their families.

Marinus Crommelin

A Trip to the Moon

In 1901 Marinus Crommelin journeyed from Holland to Spokane, Washington, USA to learn new skills in mechanized carpentry. Enroute from New York, he made a side trip to the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, NY. He brought along his camera and took some pictures of the Midway which featured A Trip to the Moon, the Aerio-Cycle, and many other attractions. Here we look at some pictures related to the international Expo that Marinus visited in 1901.

Jean Crommelin

Collecting on an Overdue Loan!

A document was sent to us recently by Maryse Trannois, dated 1657. It contains a notarized agreement that discusses the repayment terms of a loan made by Jean Crommelin of St. Quentin to a merchant living in Guise. The loan was now several years overdue and Jean Crommelin, being the creditor, sought to have repayments and interest formalized and made legally binding. Although this document has little historical significance, it does show how early family members in France were quite wealthy and therefore able to make sizeable loans for the advancement of the economy in Picardy. Besides being astute businessmen and entrepreneurs, they also had the instincts to become successful bankers.

Dutch East
India Company

De Coninck Letters Translation Project

In the Frederic de Coninck Letters translation project the latest instalment covers the Year 1722. Frederic was the son of Catherine Crommelin, a daughter of Jean Crommelin (above) and Rachel Tacquelet. In 1722 Frederic suddenly died of pleurisy. This sad news was communicated by his wife, Marie Camin in Schiedam, Holland to her son Jean de Coninck living in Batavia (Jakarta, Indonesia). It took 9 months for mail to arrive between the two places. In this instalment we learn about Esther Crommelin, another child of Jean and Rachel Tacquelet, and the youngest surviving sibling of Catherine, Jacob and Daniel Crommelin. We also get a glimpse of how the VOC (Dutch East India Company) operated.