Spotlight #8

Cornelis Spoor

Cornelis Spoor, Artist

Cornelis Spoor, a fine Dutch artist who specialized in portraits and landscapes, had connections with the Crommelin family that are worth remembering. His copy of a soldier in the Civic Guard of St. George is a faithful reproduction taken from the famous group portrait by Frans Hals.

Rudolf Spoor

Man On The Moon!

Rudolf Spoor, a grandson of Cornelis Spoor and Emilie Catharina van Wickevoort Crommelin, sprang into the public eye for his Dutch broadcast of a historic event that took place in July 1969: the First Man on the Moon!

Silver Anniversary
4 June 1900

1900 Silver Anniversary

A Silver Anniversary celebrated in Holland in 1900 gives us a glimpse of various family members related to Jacob Willem Hendrik Crommelin and Clara Wilhelmina Wilkens.

Lisburn Memorial

Lisburn Memorial Re-dedication

The Crommelin memorial in Lisburn, Ireland had been deteriorating for years so the time had come for it to be restored with the help of the Lisburn Memorial Trust and Mr. James Waring McCrady of the USA. This was accomplished and a re-dedication ceremony was conducted on July 3, 2015.