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Paul Gifford Crommelin, Sr.

Dates: 1893-1973

Paul was a man of tremendous character and humor, the center of attention in a room. A brilliant man who rose in Bates Manufacturing (textiles) nearly to the rank of President despite only an 8th grade education, and would have run the company except for a severe attack of rheumatoid arthritis that crippled him and forced his early retirement at the age of 57 or so.

(Picture at right taken in 1940)

He was without a retirement plan, but as a testimony to how much he was loved, the company raised and gifted a retirement nest egg that allowed Paul and his wife "Florie" to retire to Brielle, NJ where they both lived for nearly a quarter century.

Paul was greatly loved by those he met - a response to the love he showed. Ever the optimist, he often spouted funny optimistic lines like, "it never rains in Brielle!" Paul developed many friends and acquaintances wherever he went, doing so in jocular fashion. One time he purchased a quart of fresh strawberries and placed them along the path at the dentist's office where the strawberry plants had yet to yield anything - just to see how Dr. Rankin would react. Paul called him "yankin' Rankin" since he had surrendered so many teeth to him.

Paul was a man of great personal faith - an acknowledged Christian Scientist, having studied his Bible and Science and Health each day, often taking time to serve at the local Reading Room. His kindness and love were a great influence to many. It is not known if he had any faith based on Christian orthodoxy.

- notes by (grandson) Peter Longley, December 2006