Generation Report
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Family Tree: Generally one thinks of a family tree as an interconnected array of boxes and lines. As the Crommelin family tree contains over 3000 members and is growing, this option becomes impractical because it would be difficult to follow through on any computer screen.

We have therefore chosen the format of a Microsoft Word based Genealogy Report which contains much more information than could fit in a traditional family tree box and the viewer can search the report by simply entering the name of an individual.

Method: Locate and click on the "Edit" function in the top row of the family tree report in "Internet Explorer". Then select "Find". In the "Find" option, type the exact name of the individual you wish to search for. The person of your search should show at once. Should the result be incorrect, try to locate a parent or sibling of the subject to be searched. The searched person should then appear either above or below the found person.

Family trees are only as accurate as the accuracy of the input data that are provided. If anyone sees the need for corrections, additions or other comments, please mail this to the Webmaster for future edition of the tree.