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Here you will find interesting sources of information such as the whereabouts of important Last Wills and Testaments. They usually contain a great deal of genealogical information for family historians should they wish to conduct their own private research.

Last Wills & Testaments

Many Last Wills, Testaments, and other documents can be accessed through the U.K. National Archives. A search for "Crommelin" or "Testart" should bring up many documents. There is a nominal charge (today 3.50) for each of the data. Just a few examples:

Will of Charles Crommelin of New York
Date 22 April 1740

Will of Daniel Crommelin of City of Amsterdam
Date 17 March 1789

Will of Robert Daniel Crommelin, Widower, of Amsterdam
Date 25 February 1809

Will of the Honorable, Sir Gulian Daniel Crommelin
Landowner of Herengracht between the Haltenstraat and the Woolvendstraat, Amsterdam
Date 31 October 1846

.....and many other names.....

Family Name Searches

Leo van de Pas' Genealogics Website provides an enormeous database of families. A search [Name Search>Crommelin] will get you a database of 782 Crommelins (all on our website, but other families can also be researched).

Tombs on the Internet

At this tombstones website you can trace the lives of citizens of Amsterdam covered by gravestones in Amsterdam's Old Church.

Reformation Museum, Geneva, Switzerland

This is a great place to visit for those who are interested in the history of the Reformation, to which our family was closely associated. There is a lot of Dutch history here, such as the Dort Synod - De Synode van Dordrecht, 1618-1619. Many of the magnificent books were printed in Holland (and of course in Dutch). These books are behind glass because of their great value.

Amsterdam Archives

At this website you will find a wealth of family-related information.

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