Personages Mentioned in the Diary of Robert Oscar Crommelin


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Robt. O.



Robert Oscar Crommelin: b. 20 Nov 1828 in Brooklyn; d. 26 Feb 1885 in Orange, NJ.  Son of Robert James Crommelin22 & Eliza Betts39.  RO ‘s siblings were:


Anna Louisa Crommelin Barnes14: (1819 - after 1860)

Emma Z Crommelin21: (1824 - 1896)

Robert Oscar Crommelin

Juliette S. Crommelin29: (1830 - aft 1900)

Unnamed sister (born about 1833)

James M. Crommelin (1835 - 1900)

Lydia Crommelin: (1840 - after 1860)

Elizabeth Coe Crommelin: (1845 - 1919)


RO began writing the diary on 1 Jan 1848 at the age of 19yrs, 1 mo. and 11 days.  He was a stock broker, gentleman, and entrepreneur.  At the start of the diary, RO was employed at D.R. & Company located at 52, then 37 (27 Nov 1849), Wall Street in Manhattan until he resigned 27 Mar 1852.  Later he formed partnerships with Wm. H Bernard95 (1 Apr 1852 - retired 23 Jul 1853) after whom he named his first son; uncle David S. Mills, Jr.56 (6 Sep 1853 - 26 Sep 1854); M. Wheeler103 (2 Jan 1855 - before 13 Dec 1858); and Goodwin113 (1 Feb 1859 - ?).  RO also served on the City Guard (local militia) until he resigned 6 Feb 1857.


RO’s love of his life was Adeline M. Ryder3 whom he is courting at the beginning of the diary, spending nearly every day with her.  On 10 Sep 1848, RO asks Mrs. Emeline Gifford Ryder16 for her daughter’s hand in marriage, since Adeline’s father Alfred Mitchell Ryder93 had deceased in 1845.  Gifts are exchanged between the two on various occasions:  a watch case for RO (26 Jan 1848), a golden pencil for Ade (1 Feb 1848), a gold thimble to Ade for Valentine’s day (11 Feb 1848), suspenders to RO and bracelet to Ade (18 Nov 1848).  The two are married 25 September 1849 and set off for a honeymoon in Boston (26 Sep - 3 Oct 1849).


RO was father of 9 children (the last being stillborn after the diary’s end - named after himself) - 4 boys and 4 girls who lived to adulthood, and who produced 8 grandchildren for RO prior to his death in 1885 at the age of 56 (well above the average US life expectancy of 38-46 years between 1850 and 1890).  7 additional grandchildren were born after his death.


RO says a lot about the weather in the diary while stating comparatively little about what he thought - exceptions include, “I being there enjoyed myself exceedingly” (1 Jun 1848).  Nevertheless, his writing style communicates much about his optimism and outlook on life.  His intelligence is conveyed in his writing through his thoughtful choice of words, good grammar, excellent spelling, and skilled penmanship (portions are written in quill pen with the balance in pencil).  RO probably attended boarding school to receive his education as is the case with younger sister Eliza (age 10 on 6 Apr. 1855).  RO’s only brother James, 7 to 9 years his junior, is conspicuously absent from clear reference in the diary, perhaps resulting from his being off at boarding school - with greatest likelihood of such being through the time of RO’s marriage when James would have been only age 12 to 14.  This is partially confirmed in that the 1850 US Census does not list James as a family member of the Crommelin household.  The single possible reference in the diary to this only brother is to “…’James’ the Harper” (25 Jul 1848).  In the 1860 US Census James is a merchant living in Kentucky and is married to Sarah from Maryland.  In 1870, James is a broker and he and Sarah are seen in Yonkers with a newborn son, Mortimer (perhaps that is his middle name).  In 1880, James is seen with a new wife Estella, 19 years his junior, and daughters aged 8 and 4 years, meaning Sarah had probably died in 1870-1871 and that he had immediately remarried.  Mortimer appears to have died as well.  The remoteness of James from the family easily explains his absence from the diary.


RO surrounds himself with the activities of others, always noting who attended various events - a sure sign that he cared deeply for family and friends.  On the first of each year he “made calls” to friends and neighbors - apparently just stopping in the say hello and wish them a happy new year.  Later in the diary, his anniversary parties became great events with company of 55 (1860) and 75 (1861) persons.  He attended large family vacations (Huntington, L.I. Sep 1848), the Astor Place Opera House, a Shakespeare recital, Theatre (The Count of Monte Cristo), the Chinese Museum, Bernard’s Panorama of the Mississippi; lectures at the Female Academy, the Academy of Design, the Art Union, Madáme Lanay’s Soirée at Montague Hall, the City Guard Ball, numerous parties with family and friends, and he almost always “took tea” with someone.


RO attended church regularly with family and friends.  On many Sundays he would attend both morning and evening services.  The churches that he attended included Anglican (Episcopal), Baptist, Presbyterian, Dutch Reform, Friends (Quaker), and Congregational denominations.  He may have had a particular role (church committee?) in the building of a “new edifice” at St. Peters in Brooklyn (16 Oct 1855, 1 Jul 1856, 6 Jan 1857 & 1858).  He obviously cared much about the Church (2 Apr 1848, 1 Jul 1855, 21 Mar 1858), gave a prayer book to future sister-in-law Emma Ryder27 (28 Dec 1848), attended Sunday School (16 May 1848), and was obedient to the ordinance of baptism (18 Apr 1858).  Also noteworthy, the diary records six visits by RO to hear Dr. Henry Ward Beecher17 (e.g. 23 Jan 1848) famous Congregational Preacher and eventually nationally known abolitionist.


Interesting events in the diary include RO’s mugging & being robbed of $8500 (6 Oct 1848) and the arrest (27 Oct 1848) and eventual trial and conviction of those who committed the crime (5 Feb, 1849, 19-29 Mar 1849), and a possible-related civil suit (25 Mar 1850); a brick fell on his head (21 Jul 1852); a business acquaintance who “had a fit” after Hanover Bank failed and couldn’t go home for three days (7 Mar 1853); he purchased race horses (21 Sep 1853 & 8 Nov 1853) and raced them (May & Oct 1854) until he sold them (3 Jul 1855).


Historical events RO mentions in the diary include the funeral of the 6th US President John Quincy Adams (8 Mar 1848); the visit to NYC of famous General Winfield Scott (25 May 1848); the visit to NYC of famous Whig statesman, orator, and Speaker of the House Henry Clay (6 Mar 1848); the NYC Cholera epidemic (30 Jun - 1 Jul 1849); the New Haven RR bridge collapse (6 May 1853); the great panic of Wall Street (13 Oct 1857); the laying of the Atlantic Cable (4 & 18 Aug 1858); and the start of the Civil War (4 Apr 1861 & 14-16 Apr 1861).


RO’s travels and transport methods are faithfully recorded.  Other than much walking (20 Jun 1848), he also rode horseback (8 Aug 1848), horse & wagon (26 Oct 1848), carriage (29 Oct 1848), sleigh (22 Dec 1848); rode the ferry (11 Nov 1848), railroad (18 Oct 1848), and journeyed by ship (26 Jul 1849).  His business trips took him as far away as Buffalo (13 Jul 1855), Washington (21 Jan 1856), and Chicago (12 Nov - 5 Dec 1855).


A single reference is made in the diary to RO’s family residence at Jay St. (12 Sep 1848), which is located in Brooklyn Heights.  Other “local” streets are mentioned, such as Joralemon, and Willoughby, all of them in Brooklyn Heights.  RO’s neighborhood today, which is located less than a mile from the eastern landing of the Brooklyn Bridge, is densely developed with high rise buildings.  None of the mid-nineteenth century homes that RO saw and visited in the diary remain standing today.


RO’s and Adeline’s first quarters together as a married couple were with Adeline’s mother (30 Aug 1849 - fixing up a room).  Later, they lived with Uncle David S Mills, Jr.56 (5 Apr 1851), with Aunt Jane Bergen Crommelin84 or Aunt Jane Gifford Mills34 (30 Mar 1852), then back to Adeline’s Mother’s (1 Sep 1852), then to their own house at 326 Pacific Street (23 Jan 1857), before finally settling in Orange, NJ (22 Apr 1858 & 21 Mar 1859) where he would spend the rest of his days.


RO lived to the (then) ripe old age of 56 years 6 months.  His cause of death was Bright’s disease.  He is buried in Rosedale Cemetary, in Orange, NJ - his memorial is the largest in the center of the family plot, alongside that of Ade his beloved wife.  He is surrounded by five of his children, and several grandchildren.




Es. H. Bunker

Ed. Bunker

E. Bunker


A.G. Bunker

Willie Bunker

Probably Edward H. Bunker b. 1827 - about the same age as RO.  Listed in the diary 13 times.  Apparent brother of Albert G. Bunker (10 Jan 1848) b. 1824.  The 1850 US Census shows these brothers living in Brooklyn with father Thomas G. b. 1794 in Maine, and mother Sarah b. 1802 in CT.  In the family is Susan Raymond b. 1769 in CT - likely the mother of Sarah.  The Bunkers are around for many family events, so it is possible they are related, but the connection to the family is unknown.  The Bunker name appears 18 times in the diary.






Miss Ryder

Ade Ryder

Miss R.



Adeline M Ryder Crommelin: b. 17 Jan 1831 in Brooklyn, NY; d. 22 Apr 1892 in Orange, NJ.


Eldest of 5 siblings - two brothers and two sisters - born to Alfred Mitchell Ryder93 and Emeline Gifford Ryder16.


Ade (“ǽ-dee”) is the love of RO’s life.  She spent nearly every day with RO for two years at the diary’s beginning (1848-49).  She is age 16 years 11 mos. 14 days at the start of the diary and marries at the tender age of 18.  Little is known of her education and attitude, but she is clearly an accepted socialite from the wealthy Ryder and Gifford families of Manhattan.  Uncle Edgar T. Ryder4 is a hatter worth $50,000 in 1860, and Uncle Henry V. Ryder53 sells books and shoes and is worth $200,000 in 1860.  Uncle David S Mills, Jr.56 (Gifford) owns a farm worth $80,000 in 1850, and an Oil Factory work $30,000 in 1860.  On a few occasions, Ade remains home on New Years day and receives calls from guests, friends, neighbors, and relatives.




Edgar Ryder

Ed. Ryder

Mr. E. Ryder

E.T. Ryder

Ed. T. Ryder

Uncle Edgar

Mrs. E. Ryder

Mrs. Edgar Ryder

Mrs. E.R’s.

Mrs. Mary R.


Edgar T. Ryder: b. 1806 in NYC, d. between 1870 and 1880 in NYC.


Edgar is Ade’s3 uncle (brother of Alfred Mitchell Ryder93).  Edgar is married to Mary Ryder (maiden name unknown) b. 1812 in NYC d. after 1880.  Edgar and Mary are mentioned in diary 20 times.  Two of their four sons are also mentioned: Alfred V. Ryder63 and Oscar S. Ryder116.  Edgar and Mary also have 3 daughters.



T.A. DeGrauw


Theo. A Degrauw

Theodore A.D.


Theodore A. Degrauw: b. 1824 in Brooklyn, NY; d. 7 Jul 1856 in Yonkers, N.Y.


T.A.D. is RO’s 1st cousin - son of RO’s father’s sister Eliza Ann (or Eliza S.) Crommelin (1803-1830) who was married to William L. Degrauw (1799-1846).  After Eliza’s death, William apparently remarried “Sarah,” who may also be Eliza’s sister Sarah Margaretta Crommelin76.


Not recorded in diary is T.A.D.’s marriage to Euphemia Watkinson (1829-1906) on 24 Sep 1850, or the births of a son William and daughter Amelia prior to T.A.D.’s sudden death at age 32.


T.A.D. is mentioned 26 times in the diary.  His brothers Abraham106 and Robert96 are also mentioned briefly.





Miss Brittain

Mrs. Brittain

Mrs. Thos. Brittain

Rev. T.H. Brittain

Alfred Brittain

F. Brittain

F.P Brittain

Hatty Brittain


Rev. Thomas H. Brittain: b. 1795 in England, wife Mercy & daughters Harriet (Hatty) and Bridget.  Thomas was a Presbyterian minister living in Brooklyn.  Alfred may also be “F” (Fred) and “F.P.” an older son not living with the parents.


According to the diary, on 9 Sep 1848 Rev. T.H. Brittain preached his first sermon in the Presbyterian Ch.”  It is likely that the Brittains are neighbors or close family friends from church.  The Brittain name is mentioned 17 times in the diary.




Mr. Bryce

Mrs. Bryce

Mrs. Bryce = Miss Hall (4 Jan 1848).  Apparently acquaintances.  Mr. Bryce lectured “on the sciences” 17 Feb 1848.




Mr. Vinton

Maj. Vinton

Dr. Vinton

Rev. Francis Vinton

Rev. Francis Vinton: b. 1809 in Rhode Island.  Minister that married RO & Ade3.  Either Rev. Vinton had a relative in Boston also a minister, or owned a home there where RO & Ade spent a night on their honeymoon.  Major Vinton is either a brother or nephew of the Reverend.




Miss Kissam

Sam’l Kissam

Dr. Kissam

Maggie Kissam

Dr. Samuel Kissam: b. 1800 in NY, wife Margaret, children Samuel (b. 1830) and Margaret (b. 1832) and 3 others.


Dr. Kissam was a clergyman with the Dutch Reform Church.  He called on RO’s father at the beginning of his terminal illness (19 Feb 1849).  It is likely the Kissams were close friends and neighbors.


The Kissam name is mentioned in the diary 11 times.




Mrs. Loomis

Aunt Cornelia Loomis


Aunt Cornelia


Cornelia Betts Loomis: b. 1813 in NY; d. 29 Jun 1853 as recorded in the diary.  Married to Mr. Loomis, presumably deceased before 1840.


Cornelia is a sister of RO’s mother, Eliza Betts Crommelin39.  The 1850 US Census shows “C. Loomis” living with RO’s grandmother “Elizabeth Coe Betts 90 in Brooklyn, NY.  Also in that household is “Theodore Loomis” (b. 1830).


Aunt Cornelia is mentioned 17 times in the diary.  Throughout 1848 and 1849 Aunt Cornelia appears to be living in Brooklyn due to proximity of RO’s visits.  RO’s visit with her on 27 Sep 1848 states, “Theodore & I rolled tenpins” supporting the 1850 Census family unit.  The news of Aunt Cornelia’s death coming by telegraph (23 Jun 1853) and then her body being shipped to the Hudson Depot (30 Jun 1853) would require a more remote residency, indicating she may have moved some time in 1851.  Also, RO sent money (1 Nov 1852) to Aunt Cornelia, some of which was to be for “Grandma” (Betts) and some for “Theo.”  It is noteworthy that the 1840 US Census shows a “Cornelia Lumis” living in Kings County with 5 males and 1 female of similar age (probably siblings, else her husband would have been listed as the head of house), and one son age 5 to 10 (Theo) with Mary Coe99 as the next entry on the page - making them neighbors.




J.B Titus

Jas. B. Titus

Jim Titus

Jim T.

James B. Titus: b. 1829 in Brooklyn, eldest son in family with seven children in the 1850 US Census.  A “clerk” in 1850.


Jim is an apparent friend of RO or Adeline.  He married Mary Bedell on 17 Jan 1855.  Jim is mentioned 20 times in the diary.




Miss Guning

Miss Vinona Guning


Jeanette Guning


The Gunings are probably friends of the family.  Mr. Guning is apparently a photographer, as he recorded as taking daguerreotypes of RO’s family on 29 Mar 1852.



Miss Sweetzer

Miss Sweetzer is a possible early love interest of RO.  Her name appears in the diary 8 times, never with Ade at the same time.  On 12 Jun 1848 the diary describes RO’s last attempted date with her:  “Had a party - I went for Miss Sweetzer - Dick Voorhis took her home, I visited on Ade - Had a fine time.  After this event Miss Sweetzer conspicuously disappears from the diary and three months later, Ade & RO are engaged.





Anna Louisa Crommelin Barnes: b. 1819 in Brooklyn, NY; d. after 1860 in NYC.


RO’s oldest sister.  Married to Charles Lewis Barnes82 and mother to 5 children:


Maria Louisa Barnes: (1843 - after 1860)

Lewis Barnes: (1846 - 21 Apr 1849)

Frederick B. Barnes - “Fredy”: (1847 - after 1860)

Adeline Barnes - “Addie”: (1848 - after 1860)

Anna D. Barnes - “Annie”: (1849 - after 1860)


The Barnes lived in Brooklyn, then Yonkers, then Orange, NJ, then moved to Manhattan.  Louisa is mentioned 30 times in the Diary and it clear that RO had a close relationship with her and her family.




Mrs. Smith

Sarah Smith

Anna Augusta Smith


The Smiths are apparently friends of the family.  They are mentioned in diary 3 times.




Mrs. R.

Mrs. Ryder

Mrs. Emeline Gifford Ryder: b. 1813 in NYC; d. 19 Mar 1887 in Stratford, CT.  Daughter of Benjamin Gifford (about 1775 - before 1830) and Sarah59 (maiden name unknown) (1775 - 1854).


Emeline is Ade’s3 mother.  She had been married to Alfred Mitchell Ryder93, whom she is buried alongside in Green-wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.  RO takes Mrs. Ryder (and Ade) for a visit to her husband’s grave (14 Mar 1848).  Children of Alfred and Emeline:


Adeline M. Ryder Crommelin3

Emeline Ryder27: (1835 - after 1880)

Alfred M. Ryder43: (1840 - 1897)

Clementine Ryder Belcher42: (1843 - 1900)

Benjamin L. Ryder: (1845 - after 1910)


Mrs. Ryder is mentioned in the diary 89 times (2nd only to Ade), as RO is constantly escorting her places or visiting with her in some fashion.  For a period of time RO and Ade live with her mother, which certainly explains the frequent reference his Mother-in-Law.  It can be inferred, however, from the respect that RO afforded to Mrs. R. in his entries that the two got along very well, with the best example occurring when RO personally asks Mrs. Ryder for her daughter’s hand in marriage.


Mrs. Ryder was born in Manhattan and lived in the Brooklyn Heights area of Brooklyn during her married life, where she is found at the opening of the diary.  She moved to her sister Jane Gifford Mill’s34 house 4 Oct 1848, apparently temporarily because she moves back there again 5 Apr 1851.  This appears also to be a temporary move as she is not living with her sister on 1 Sep 1852.  On 14 May 1859, Mrs. Ryder and her remaining children moved to Oronoke, CT.  The US Census in 1860 and 1870 shows that she is living in Stratford, CT with her youngest son Benjamin and his family, whom she stays with the rest of her days.




Doct. Beecher

Rev. (Dr.) Henry Ward Beecher: b. 1813; d. 1887.  Nationally famous preacher, abolitionist, and subject of a great scandal.  In 1870 he was tried for adultery, accused of having sex with a friend’s wife.  He was found innocent of the crime, later sued in civil court and found innocent, and declared innocent by the church.  His accuser, on the other hand, was excommunicated.


Beecher began preaching in 1847 - the year prior to the start of the diary.  RO went to see him preach 6 times on Sunday evenings during 1848 - when he had yet to achieve national celebrity status.  Beecher’s sister, Harriet Beecher Stowe was the famous author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.


Rev. Beecher was an advocate of women's suffrage, temperance, Darwin's theory of evolution, and a foe of slavery.  Beecher, a liberal thinker, held that Christianity should adapt itself to the changing culture of the times.  He was also passionately anti-Catholic and was contemptuous towards Irish-Americans.




Geo. Stryker

Alex Stryker


Probably friends of RO.  Mentioned 5 times in diary.



Miss King

Mrs. King


Apparently friends of RO.  Mentioned in diary 5 times.




Miss Sage

R. Sage & Sister

L. Sage

Bob Sage

Lev Sage

Agnes Sage: b. 1833 in CT.

Robert Sage: b. 1825 in CT.

Leverette Sage: b. 1824 in CT.


The Sage name is mentioned in the diary 19 times so they are at least close friends, but because of their attendance at many family events, they could be relatives, though the connection is unknown.  Father James Sage was born in Scotland in 1801.  In 1850, the mother has deceased, but the 1880 US Census record for Leverette indicates his mother’s place of birth as CT.




Emma Z. C.

Emma C.


Emma Z Crommelin: b. 3 Jul 1824 in Brooklyn, NY; d. 26 Feb 1896 in Brooklyn.  No record of marriage.


Emma is an older sister of RO - mentioned in diary 36 times, as they did much together socially.





Robert James Crommelin: b. 20 Jan 1795 in Brooklyn, NY; d. 5 Mar 1849 at home in Brooklyn, NY.


RJ was the first child born to Robert Crommelin (1772 - 1815) and Ann Reade De Peyster (1775 - d. before 1848 as she is not mentioned in the diary).  Children of Robert and Ann:


Robert James Crommelin

Sarah Margaretta Crommelin (Degrauw?76): (1796 - Apr 1854?)

Joseph Richard Crommelin81: (1798-1858)

Charles John Crommelin: (1800-1818)

Mary O. Crommelin89: (1801 - after 1870)

Fredrick De Peyster Crommelin80: (1802 - after 1870)

Eliza Ann (or Eliza S.) Crommelin Degrauw: (1803 - 1830)

Unnamed Female: (b. 1800-1810; d. unk.)

Unnamed Female: (b. 1800-1810; d. unk.)

Julia R. Crommelin88: (1815 - 1856)


RJ was a broker in New York.  The diary makes no clear suggestion that 19-year-old RO was employed in his father’s company, so it is not known if RJ ever was employed at or was an owner of DR & Co.  To wit, RO’s departure from that company three years after RJ’s death does not appear to involve any transfer of equity, which would have otherwise been the case had RJ been a partner.  It must, therefore, be assumed that RJ was employed at or owned a different brokerage firm at the time the diary is being written.  Finally, it is unlikely that RJ was retired as the diary references that Father “staid home all day” and “did not go out” (17 & 21 Mar 1849), indicating these were unusual noteworthy events, wherein it is presumed that RJ normally left home to work each day.


RJ is mentioned comparatively little in the first 14 months of the diary, as the social life of a young adult (teen aged entrepreneur) would be expected to focus on the activities of his own generation.  Events involving “Father” included his 53rd birthday (20 Jan 1848), taking RO to Easton concerning his mugging/robbery (18 Oct 1848), going with RO, Mother & Eliza to hear Yankee Hill (11 Nov 1848), and going with RO to see the Brooklyn Theatre (19 Dec 1848).

The days leading up to RJ’s death are the most somber entries of the diary, and coincidentally symbolized in RO’s bad weather reports.  The first clue that there may be a problem is RJ’s trip to see “Dr. Hull” on 28 Jan 1849.  The next mention is two-and-a-half weeks later when RJ staid home from his normal activities for the first time.  From February 19th through March 5th (14 days) we see the steady, then precipitous decline of RJ’s health leading to his death - one can only assume from some form of cancer.  Near the end, RO stays up all night three times to be at his father’s side.  Finally, on the 5th of March we have this entry: “Very Fine Day - Father grew very much worse from hour to hour until 1/2 past 10 o’clock a.m. when death released him from all pain - did not leave the house - Ade came up in afternoon - sent her home…”  At the age of 54, RJ - “Father” - was suddenly and unexpectedly gone from 20-year-old RO’s life.  (Note: RJ had far exceeded the average life expectancy of 38 years).  It is interesting that RO’s “very fine day” weather report, the first good one in two weeks, meshes with his assessment that father had been “released” to the next life.


RO takes seriously the business that follows his father’s death.  He works with his relatives in a manner that demonstrates his maturity in the handling of the necessary affairs.  He attends the funeral the next day and pays his brother-in-law Charles L. Barnes82 for various final expense items that must be attended to.  He entertains family members and friends that come to pay their respects. The final act of RO’s devotion comes on 13 Apr 1849 when he drives to Green-wood Cemetery, in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, where he “attended to Father’s remains” - probably meaning the ordering of a memorial.  (Greenwood’s cemetery records indicate the date of interment had been earlier on 6 March 1849, the day of the funeral).


In the weeks of RJ’s illness, and for several weeks following his death, the tone of RO’s writing takes on a somber and serious tone at variance with his normal optimistic writing style.  It is obvious to the reader that the loss of “Father” deeply saddened RO.  Though 41 deaths are specifically noted in the diary, none is more personal and touching than this one.




Thompson’s & Welles’


A restaurant - visited 8 times



Aunt Sarah B.

Sarah Betts

Sarah Coe Betts: b. about 1814 in NYC; d. after 1880 in Home for the Aged, Church Charity Foundation, Brooklyn, NY.  She is seen living there with Mary Crommelin89 & Mary Zuill.  No record of marriage.


Sarah is the younger sister of RO’s mother.  Reported living with her mother (RO’s grandmother) Elizabeth Coe Betts90 and younger sister Cornelia Betts Loomis10 in 1850 US Census for Brooklyn.


Aunt Sarah is mentioned in diary 6 times.





Bill Puffer

Geo. Puffer

Miss Puffer


The Puffer name is mentioned in the diary 15 times.  It is likely they are close friends.



Miss Davis


Emma Davis

E. Davis

Emily Davis

Emmie Davis


Emeline Davis Shults: b. 1832 in NYC, d. about 1872 in Claverack, New York.


Emma is 1st cousin to Ade3, daughter of Ade’s father’s sister Sarah Ryder Davis58 and Ezra P. Davis58.


Emma is mentioned 47 times in the diary and appears to be a very close friend to Ade.  Emma marries “Shults 74 on 25 June 1851.  The birth of their first child is recorded in the diary on 14 Mar 1852, but surprisingly no other facts are given.  The 1860 US Census reveals the name of the child as “Adelaide” though this is likely a scribal error since Adeline and Adelaide were commonly interchanged (and have the same meaning).  It is clear that Emma wanted to honor her close friend and cousin by naming her first child after Ade.


Emma and “Shults” have a large family together and move away from the city into upstate New York.  Emma died suddenly between 1870 and 1880, likely at the birth of her last child in 1872.




Emma Ryder


Emeline Ryder: b. 1835 in Brooklyn, NY; d. after 1880.  No record of marriage.


Emma is the younger sister of Ade3, daughter of A.M. Ryder93 and Emeline Gifford Ryder16.  Mentioned in the diary 25 times.  RO and Ade did many things with Emma along.  Recipient of a “prayer book” as a gift from RO (28 Dec 1848).




Miss Hart

Billy Hart

Miss Almyra Hart

Mr. Hart

Charles B. Hart

C.B. Hart

Charles Hart

Jennie Hart

Wm. Hart

Maria H. Gifford Hart: b. 1801 in NYC; d. after 1870 in West Orange, NJ.; Married to Joseph Hart b. 1801 in NYC; d. between 1850-1860 in NYC.  Children:


Charles B. Hart: (1823 - after 1870)

Almyra Hart: (about 1825 - after 1850)

Imogene (Jenny) Hart: (1828 - after 1870)

William Hart: (1831 - after 1865)

Josephine Hart: (1833 - 1860)

Gifford R. Hart: (1835 - after 1880)

Fanny Hart: (1838 - after 1870)


The son named Gifford is the clue that this family (seen together in 1850, 1860, and 1870 US Census) must be of the Gifford clan.  The Mother’s birth year meshes perfectly with that of an otherwise unidentified daughter in the Benjamin Gifford family in the 1820 US Census - meaning she is very likely an older sister of Emeline Gifford Ryder16 (Ade’s3 mother).  This would make all of the children 1st cousins of Ade.


The Hart name occurs 15 times in the diary, and is grouped with Ade’s family events rather than RO’s family events.






Juliette S. Crommelin Sherwood: b. Feb 1830 in Brooklyn, NY; d. after 1900 in Orange, NJ. 

Married to “Sherwood 49 17 Apr 1850.  Children:


Robert O. Sherwood (1852 - after 1920)

Child (about 1855 - 12 Oct 1956)

Alfred Perry Sherwood (1857-1859)

Peter P. Sherwood (1860 - after 1880)

Ferdinand Sherwood (1861 - after 1900)

Eloise P. Sherwood (1868 - after 1900)

Charles T. Sherwood (1870 - after 1900)


Juliette is RO’s younger sister.  Juliette does many things with RO and obviously loves him, as she names her first child after her older brother.  Juliette is mentioned in the diary 42 times.




Mrs. Foster

Mrs. F.

Aunt Clemie Foster

Clementine Gifford Foster: b. 1820 in NYC; d. 1 Jun 1856.  Married to a Mr. Foster deceased (or divorced) at the time of the diary.  Seen living with her sister Jane Gifford Mills34 and mother Sarah Gifford59 in Brooklyn in the 1850 US Census.  She is only described as an “Aunt” after RO & Ade3 are married.  She is mentioned in the diary 10 times.





Geo. Glover

Jane Glover


Apparently friends of Ade3.  Mentioned in diary 5 times.




Miss Echolaz & Brother



Apparently friend of RO.  Mentioned 3 times in diary.



Miss Lord



Apparently friend(s) of Ade3 and later of RO.  The Lord name is mentioned 6 times in the diary



Mrs. Mills

Aunt Jane

Jane A. Gifford Mills: b. 1824 in NY; d. after 1860 in Brooklyn, NY.  Married to David S. Mills, Jr.56


Mrs. Mills is Ade’s3 aunt - younger sister of Ade’s mother.  Mrs. Mills is mentioned in the diary 43 times, and RO’s family lives with the Mills’ for a time.




Mrs. Livingston

Mr. Livingston


The Livingstons are apparently friends of RO’s parents.  Mentioned in diary 5 times.



Mr. Mudge


C. Mudge

Charles Mudge

Charley Mudge


Charles Mudge: An apparent love interest of RO’s younger sister Juliette29.


Charley is mentioned in the diary 12 times.



Jrd Stevens

J Stevens

G Stevens

Gerard Stevens

G’d Stevens


Gerard Stevens:  An apparent friend of Ade’s3 (due to RO’s uncertain spelling of first name - Jerard or Gerard).  He is mentioned in diary 10 times.



Mrs. John Zuil’s


Miss Zuil

Charlotte Zuil

Mrs. Zuil

Charlotte Z.

Zuill family:  It is possible that Mrs. Zuill is a relative of one of RO’s grandmothers, based upon the fact that there is a Mary A. Zuill in a home for the aged in the 1880 US Census along with both Mary Crommelin89 and Sarah Coe Betts24.  On the other hand, this could be a coincidence, but since the Zuill name is rare, a family connection is plausible.  Additionally, RO’s sister Emma21 has the middle initial “Z” which could be Zuill - and there are not many first or last names beginning with Z.  On the other hand, it is unusual that RO did not refer to Mrs. Zuill as “aunt” or Charlotte as “cousin” as he does with other relatives of second generation connection elsewhere in the diary (see Susanna Coe98 and Furman46).


Charlotte A. Zuill, died 13 Jan 1849 is probably the “Miss Zuil” recorded earlier and likely one of two daughters of John W Zuill in the 1840 US Census that is born between 1825 and 1835 - making her a contemporary of RO (he is asked to be a pall bearer at her funeral).


The Zuill name appears in the diary 6 times.






Eliza Betts Crommelin: b. 1800 in NYC; d. 27 Mar 1878 in Orange, NJ; buried in Green-wood Cemetery in Brooklyn; married to Robert James Crommelin22.  Eliza is the oldest identified daughter of Thomas Betts and Elizabeth Coe Betts90.  Her younger sisters include Cornelia Betts Loomis10 and Sarah Coe Betts24.


Mother is living with eldest child Anna Louisa Barnes’14 family (married to Charles L. Barnes82) in the 1850 US Census.  In both the 1860 and 1870 US Census’ she is living with RO’s family in Orange, NJ.


Mother is mentioned in the diary 27 times.




Dr. Cox

Miss Cox


Mrs. Cox

Charley Cox


Dr. Cox is a minister that RO and Ade3 go and listen to in the evenings several times.  Charley Cox is apparently a friend of RO.


The Cox name is mentioned in the diary 12 times.



Mrs. Adams

Miss Adams

Bill Adams


Mary Adams

The Adams are quite possibly related to RO, but how is neither indicated nor known - the Adams name is quite common, therefore difficult to trace.  There is a William H. Adams (1838-1888) buried in the Crommelin family plot in Orange, NJ - his grave is immediately alongside of RO’s (that Bill Adam’s was ten years younger than RO).  If the Bill Adams buried alongside RO is the same person mentioned in the diary, he first appears going to a Broadway show with RO at age 17 - the age difference being socially odd unless the two were related.  Bill is next mentioned sailing for South America that same year (8 Aug 1855), which is possible for a 17 year old seeking opportunity in the mid 19th century - he returned 6 months later.  The Adams name is mentioned 9 times in the diary.







Clementine Ryder Belcher: b. May 1843 in Brooklyn, NY; d. after 1900 in Brooklyn.  Married 23 Nov 1863 to Edward W. Belcher108.


Clemmie is the younger sister of Ade3, daughter of A.M. Ryder93 and Emeline Gifford Ryder16.  She is mentioned in diary 5 times.







Alfred M. Ryder: b. 1840 in Brooklyn, NY; d. 2 Apr 1897 in Brooklyn.  Married Miss Brown 27 Nov 1858 and father of 4 boys and 2 girls.


Alfred is the younger brother of Ade3, son of A.M. Ryder93 and Emeline Gifford Ryder16.  He is mentioned in diary 7 times.  On 6 Oct 1858, at age 18, he left home on his “fortune hunt.”




Mrs. Rogers

Rogers K&G


Mr. & Mrs. Rogers

J.P. Rogers


J.P. Rogers:  A business associate of RO.  He works at DR & Co. as RO is twice seen helping Rogers with the books (7 May 1849 & 16 Jun 1849).  Rogers is also connected with RO’s mugging/robbery (6 Feb 1848) as RO was “headed for Rogers K&G” when the incident occurred.


The Rogers name is mentioned 14 times in the diary.





Mr. Scudder

Mrs. Scudder


A local stable where horses and horse & wagon could be rented.  RO obtained horses from there 15 times.  RO was acquainted with the owners and did a few things with them socially.



Mr. Furman

cousin [Mary] Furman

Mrs. Furman

Coe Furman

The Furman family is related to RO as cousins, though the precise relationship cannot be inferred from the diary.  A history of the Coe family, Robert Coe, Puritan, Published 1911 (page 108) reveals the connection:


“His [Capt. Benjamin Coe] will dated Oct. 4 1804, probated May 21, 1821, names wife Elizabeth; negroes Thomas, Patience, Jeff, and George to be freed; and directs real estate to be sold and proceeds divided among children, viz.: Abigail wife of James Burt, Grover Coe, Elizabeth wife of Thos. Betts90, Mary Coe99, and minor children, Benjamin E. Coe, Sarah Coe, Frances Coe, and Susanna Coe98; also children of daughter Phebe Furman.”


This text draws the sister-sister relationship between Elizabeth Coe90, who marries Thomas Betts, and Phebe Coe, who marries Aaron Furman.  The daughter of Elizabeth is Eliza Betts Crommelin39 (RO’s mother) and the son of Phebe is John Furman (Mr. Furman)46 - i.e. these are 1st cousins.  RO and Coe Furman are 2nd cousins.


John Furman: b. 1796 in Newtown, Queens, NY; d. between 1860 and 1870.  Married  about 1825 to Mary E.: b. 1805 in Maine; d. between 1860 and 1870.  The Furmans live in nearby Newtown, Queens during the first year of the diary (only time they are mentioned - 6 times in all).  Some time around 1850 they moved to Dekalb Co, Illinois.  Children (all born in Newtown):


Jane E. Furman: (1827 - after 1850)

Coe Furman: (Oct 1833 - after 1900 in Liberty, OR).  Married Sarah A. in 1868. No children.

Emma Furman: (1837 - after 1850)

Juliet Furman: (1838 - after 1850)


The cousin’s given name is particularly difficult to read and could be “Mary,” the wife.





Unknown friend or relative who takes a note to Ade3 22 May 1848.  Could be daughter of David S. Mills, Jr.56




Stephen R.

Mr. S. Ryder

Stephen Ryder: b. 1815 in NYC; d. after 1880 or son of same name b. 1836 in NY, d. after 1910 in Jamaica, Queens, NY.


Stephen is either Ade’s3 uncle (youngest brother of her father Alfred Mitchell Ryder93) or Uncle Stephen’s son of the same name, making him Ade’s 1st cousin.  Stephen is mentioned in diary 5 times.





Fred Sherwood

Mr. Peter Sherwood

Frederick Sherwood: b. 1820 in CT; d. after 1880 (probably in Brooklyn, NY.  Married to Juliette S Crommelin29 17 Apr 1850.  “Sherwood” is RO’s brother-in-law, but the two do many things together before Sherwood and Juliette are married.  Sherwood is mentioned in the diary 18 times.


Peter P. Sherwood: b. 1814 in CT; d. after 1880 (probably in Brooklyn, NY).  Peter is Frederick’s brother.  He is mentioned in the diary once.





Mr. Farley

John Farley


John Farley (“Farley”) seems to be one of RO’s friends.  He is mentioned in the diary 7 times.



John Cornell



John Cornell (“Cornell”) seems to be one of RO’s friends.  He is mentioned in the diary twice.



Mrs. Franklin

Miss Franklin

Mr. Franklin

C.S. Franklin

Carrie Franklin Lamb

Cornell S. Franklin: b. 1812 in NY; d. after 1880 in Portsmouth, NH.  Married to Cornelia S. Barnes b. 1811 in Portsmouth, NH; d. after 1880 in Portsmouth, NH.  Carrie Lamb Franklin (middle and last names transposed by RO) b. 1838 in Brooklyn; d. at sea 12 Jul 1862 as recorded in the diary.  Carrie appears to be the only child of Cornell and Cornelia.


Mrs. Franklin is the older sister of Charles L. Barnes82 (RO’s brother-in-law).  In the 1850 US Census brother and sister are neighbors as their families appear together on the same census page.  This is also evident as Charles’ father (Capt. Barnes54) appears to be staying at the Franklin’s in several diary references (21 Feb 1849).


The Franklins live in Brooklyn for most of the diary and, per Census records, are living in Portsmouth in 1880.  This suggests they moved into Captain Barnes’ house after he deceased, probably to care for their widowed mother.


The Franklin name is mentioned in the diary 9 times.




Mrs. Ann A. Ryder

Mrs. H.V. Ryder

Mr. H.V. Ryder


Henry V. Ryder: b. 1810 in NYC; d. between 1870 and 1880 in NYC.  Married to Anna A. Ryder (maiden name unknown) b. 1814 in NYC d. after 1880 in NYC


Henry is Ade’s3 uncle (brother of Alfred Mitchell Ryder93).  Henry and Anna are mentioned in diary 7 times.  Two of their seven sons are also mentioned: Henry W. Ryder62 and Charles E. Ryder119.  Henry and Anna also have 3 daughters.


As an interesting note, another of the sons, Clarence A Ryder, marries Kathryn A. Davis, his first cousin and daughter of Ezra P. Davis58 and Sarah Ryder Davis58 (Henry V’s sister).




Mrs. Barnes

Mrs. Capt. Barnes

Miss Abe

Capt. Barnes

Miss Esther

Capt. Lewis Barnes: b. 1777 in Sweden; d. 27 Jun 1856 in Portsmouth, NH; married to Abby M. Barnes (maiden name unknown) b. 1784 in NH; d. after 1860 in Portsmouth, NH.  Children:


Abby M. Barnes, “Miss Abe”: (1806 - after 1860)

Cornelia S Barnes Franklin52: (1811 - after 1880)

Esther W. Barnes, “Miss Esther”: (1813 - after 1900)

Charles Lewis Barnes82: (1818 - 1851) - RO’s brother-in-law.


The Barnes are mentioned in the diary 16 times.



Mr. Keeler

The Keeler family residence seems to be the site a several family vacations involving Ade’s3 family together with her uncle Edgar Ryder4.  Ade’s father had two sisters that remain unidentified who could have married a Keeler, so it is possible that Mr. Keeler was also her uncle.  Mrs. Keeler is never mentioned.


The Keeler residence appears to be in Purchase, Westchester County, NY (3 Jul 1848).


The Keeler name is mentioned in the diary 25 times.




Mr. Mills

D.S. Mills

David S. Mills


Uncle David

August Mills

Doremus Mills

David S. Mills, Jr.: b. 1816 in Newtown, NY; d. after 1860 probably in Brooklyn, NY.  Married to Jane A. Gifford Mills34 (sister of Ade’s3 mother16).


David became RO’s second business partner 26 July 1853, just 3 days after he dissolved with his first partner, Wm. Bernard95.  The new relationship does not last long and is dissolved 21 Sep 1854 (14 months).  David, who is not described as a broker in the US Census, appears instead to be fairly wealthy entrepreneur who owned a substantial farm, then ran an oil factory.  Perhaps RO’s interest in becoming a partner with David came from a perception that David offered him some business connections.


David had at various times opened his home for Ade’s mother to live in (4 Oct 1848 & 5 Apr 1851).  Ade and RO lived there as well for a time (or two - 5 Apr 1851 & 30 Mar 1852).


David is mentioned in the diary 22 times.


August or Augusta Mills is an unknown relative - perhaps a sister to David.  Doremus Mills is brother to David and is mentioned once in the diary.





Nicholas is a business associate of RO at DR&C (31 Jul 1848), who remains a friend of the family and is also apparently an acquaintance of RO’s father since he calls on him just a few days before his death.  Nicholas is identified as being married, but no last name is given.  He is mentioned 3 times in the diary.




Mrs. Davis

Uncle Ezra


E.P. Davis

Susie Davis

John Davis

Sarah Ryder Davis: b. 1804 in NYC d. after 1870 in NYC.  Married to Ezra P. Davis: b. 1804 in England; d. after 1870 in NYC.  Children:


Emeline Davis Shults26: (1832 - about 1872 - see above)

Susan M. Davis112: (1834 - after 1858)

John A Davis117: (1838 - after 1870)

Kathryn A. Davis Ryder: (1846 - after 1870) - married to first cousin Clarence A Ryder (son of Henry V. Ryder53)


Sarah is Ade’s3 aunt (sister of Alfred Mitchell Ryder93).  The Davis family (other than Emeline Davis Shults26) is mentioned in the diary 14 times.




Mrs. Gifford

Miss Gifford

Sarah Gifford: b. 1775 in VA; d. 14 Oct 1854 in Brooklyn, NY.  Wife of Benjamin Gifford - her maiden name is unknown.  Children:


Maria H. Gifford Hart28: (1801 - after 1870 - see above)

Emeline Gifford Ryder16: (Ade’s3 mother)

Clementine Gifford Foster30: (1820 - 1856 - see above)

Jane A. Gifford Mills34: (1824 - after 1860 - see above)

2 unidentified sons

4 other unidentified daughters


Sarah is Ade’s3 Grandmother, and is mentioned twice in the diary.





The Barstow family is mentioned 3 times and it is not known if they are relatives or just friends.




Bill Dunham

The Dunham name is mentioned only once in the diary when RO attended Bill Dunham’s funeral (4 Sep 1849).


It is noteworthy that James Crommelin (1790 - 1830), a 1st cousin of RJ22 (RO’s father), married Sarah Ann Dunham around 1822.  Therefore, it is possible that Bill Dunham is a relative of the Crommelins.




Henry Ryder

Henry W. Ryder: b. 1834 in NYC; d. after 1880.  Eldest son of Henry V. Ryder53.


Henry is Ade’s3 1st cousin.  He is mentioned once in the diary.




Alfred Ryder

Alfred V. Ryder: b. 1834 in NYC; d. after 1880.  Eldest son of Edgar T. Ryder4.


Alfred is Ade’s3 1st cousin.  He mentioned once in the diary.




Mr. Robinson

N. Robinson

Nelson Robinson

Nelson Robinson: b. 1810 in NY; a broker and business associate of RO.


One of the diary’s most interesting entries is 5 Mar 1853, which follows a “great panic in the money market” two days earlier: “Nelson Robinson had a fit at his office & had to remain three days there being unable to be taken home”


Nelson is mentioned in the diary 6 times.




Wm. Connor

(m. Almyra Hart)

Mr. & Mrs. Connor

Connor’s hotel

William Connor:  William is married to Almyra Hart28 - Ade’s3 1st cousin - daughter of her mother’s older sister Maria Gifford Hart28.  They are mentioned 4 times in the diary.


Connor’s Hotel, located in Easton may be owned by the Connor family.  RO stays there once on business (19 Oct 1848).




Mrs. & Mr. Shockerly

Ade3 stays at the Shockerly house a number of times, and none of the Shockerly children are mentioned in the diary.  It may be possible that these are Ade’s relatives through one of her 6 unidentified aunts (Ryder or Gifford).


The Shockerly name is mentioned in the diary 13 times.




Henrietta Cooper


Bob Cooper

Miss Cooper


The Cooper family seems to be friends of RO’s.  They are mentioned in the diary 4 times.




Mr. & Mrs. Haley

John J. Haley

The Haley family seems to be friends of RO’s.  They are mentioned in the diary 6 times.  Mr. Haley gave RO his horse 8 Nov 1848.





Danforth is a customer of RO to whom he delivered $2500, and immediately after which he was mugged and robbed (6 Oct. 1848).




Wm. Kelley

Mr. Kelley

J.E. Kelley

R.W. Kelley

Mr. K.

William Kelley’s names does not appear in the diary until after RO’s mugging/robbery (8 Oct 1848).  Each reference relates to resolving the matter.  Perhaps he is a senior person at DR&C or perhaps he is a detective.  In any case, some sort of social bond is struck after he works with RO.


Kelley is mentioned in diary 11 times.




Dr. Cone

Dr. Cone is a minister/reverend.  RO attends his church 4 times with Ade3.





Webster is apparently a detective or senior company official who assisted in the arrest of the men who mugged/robbed RO.  It is odd that his name appears in quotes, as though he were some sort of company hit man.







John Calvin

J.F. Calvin

Mr. C. Demat



“Dempsey” is an apparent reference by RO to the “thugs” who mugged/robbed him (27 Oct 1848) - an Irish surname used in a derogatory fashion at a time when there was rampant anti-Irish racism in America.  Trials ensue 19 March 1849 and last for 11 days.  John F. Calvin, Mr. Guile, and Mr. Drummond are all convicted.  Mr. C. Demat was among those arrested, but his trial is not mentioned - perhaps the name was incorrect in one of the two references (i.e. Drummond = Demat).






John A. Shults: b. 1822 in NYC; d. after 1880 probably in Little Falls, NY.


“Shults” is never referred to by first name in the diary.  He is RO’s friend and is the love interest of Ade’s3 best friend Emma Davis26, whom he marries 25 Jun 1851.


Shults is mentioned in the diary 12 times.





Charley is RO’s favorite horse for awhile (20 Nov 1848) - he is mentioned 13 times in the diary.  There are several instances in which Charley is too sick for RO to ride (15 Jan 1848).




Aunt Sarah Degrauw

Sarah M. Degrauw

Sarah M. Degrauw:  b. about 1800 in Brooklyn, NY; d. Apr 1854 in Brooklyn, NY.


Aunt Sarah is stepmother to T.A. Degrauw5, as T.A.D’s birth mother was Eliza Ann (or Eliza S.) Crommelin (sister of RJ22) who had died in 1830.  This would suggest that Sarah is not a blood relative to either T.A.D or RO.  On the other hand, two interesting clues are given by RO in his diary that may suggest the actual identity as a blood relative: the later caret-ed insertion by RO of the middle initial “M”; and that in the 5 times Sarah is mentioned in the diary she is not referred to as “T.A.D’s mother” or “Mrs. Degrauw,” which he might have preferred were she no relation to RO.


It is perhaps noteworthy that in the 19th century it was common for siblings to marry siblings, as was the case with RJ’s two brothers marrying the two Bergen84 sisters.  Furthermore, there are also many documented cases where a widow or widower married the sibling of their deceased spouse.  These cultural factors considered, it is interesting to speculate that perhaps Sarah M. Degrauw was RO’s father’s oldest sister Sarah Margaretta Crommelin (b. 1796) - having married her dead sister’s husband.  This possibility is buttressed by the absence of any other external record of Sarah M. Crommelin’s death or marriage.  We do have a record that RJ’s brother Fredrick D.P. Crommelin80 who named his youngest daughter Sarah Margaretta Crommelin (1838 - aft 1870) after his sister, possibly suggesting that she might yet be alive in 1838.





“Buby” is a nickname that RO gave to a friend or family member who on two occasions came to help RO with sleigh and horses that were “sharp shod” (able to walk on icy ground due to small sharp projections on the bottom of its horseshoes).





Mr. & Mrs. Allee


Not known if the Alleys are friends or relatives.  They are mentioned in the diary 3 times.



Mr. Woodward

Amelia Woodward

Edward F. Woodward: b. 1799 in England; d. between 1860 and 1870 in Brooklyn, NY.

Mr. Woodward is cousin by marriage and perhaps a business associate of RO - they appear to work together, or perhaps Woodward works with RO’s father (1 Mar 1849) as RO “Rode to Mr. Woodward’s to get paper signed.”  Mr. Woodard is married about 1833 to RO’s 2nd cousin Susan E. Furman (see Susanna Coe98): b. 1812 in Newtown, Queens, NY; d. after 1880 in Brooklyn, NY.  The Woodwards have a large family, and of note are the common family names of several of the children (all born in Brooklyn):


Susan Emma Woodward: (1834 - after 1880)

Eliza Louisa Woodward: (1835 - after 1880)

Mary [Marie?] Antoinette Woodward: (1837 - after 1880)

Edward W. K. Woodward: (1838 - after 1870)

Thaddeus P. Woodward: (1840 - after 1870)

Amelia Woodward: (1843 - 19 Apr 1857)

Cornelia Betts Woodward: (1844 - after 1880)

Adeline Furman Woodward (1846 - after 1880)

Henrietta Woodward: (1847 - after 1880)

Infant Woodward: (? - 20 Aug 1849)

Robert Oscar Woodward (1853 - after 1880)


The Woodward name appears in the diary 9 times.





Uncle Fred’k

Uncle Fred

Uncle Fred D.P.C.



Fredrick De Peyster Crommelin: b. 20 Aug 1802 in Brooklyn, NY; d. after 1870 in Flushing, Queens, NY.  Married to Maria Bergen84.


Uncle Fred is younger brother to Robert James Crommelin22 (RO’s father) and Joseph Richard Crommelin81; and father of 6 children.


Uncle Fred helps RO to manage the affairs of his father’s passing and is mentioned in the diary 8 times at various family events.





Jos. R.

Joseph Richard Crommelin: b. 25 Feb 1798 in Brooklyn, NY; d. 4 Oct 1858 in Brooklyn as recorded in the diary.  Married to Jane Bergen84 (“Aunt Jane”?): b. 15 Sep 1808; d. 2 Apr 1875 in Brooklyn.  Jane is the sister of F.D.P. Crommelin’s80 wife Maria84.


Richard is younger brother to Robert James Crommelin22 (RO’s father) and older brother of F.D.P. Crommelin80; and father of 8 children.  Richard is mentioned twice in the diary.




Chas. L. B.


Charley Barnes


Charles L. Barnes


Charles Lewis Barnes: b. 1818 in Portsmouth, NH; d. 10 Nov 1851 in a hotel in Liverpool, England as recorded in the diary.  Married to Anna Louisa Crommelin14.


RO is obviously close to Charles, his brother-in law.  Charles helps RO to handle the affairs of RJ’s22 (father’s) death and burial.  When news of Charles death comes back to America, RO is quick to help the family retrieve his body, and then bury it at Green-wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.


Charles is mentioned in the diary 11 times.




Mr. Halsey

Wm. Halsey

Perhaps William Halsey is an attorney as he is seen delivering the papers of the estate of A.M. Ryder93 to RO on 28 Apr 1851 (some 6 years after A.M.’s death).  Mr. Halsey is mentioned in the diary 3 times.




Aunt Maria


Maria Bergen Crommelin: b. May 1813 in NY; d. 29 Apr 1849 in Brooklyn, NY as recorded in the diary.  Married to Fredrick D.P. Crommelin80.  Maria is the sister of Jane Bergen who is married to FDP’s brother Joseph Richard Crommelin81.


The Bergens are Maria’s parents or siblings.





Wm. Fowler

John Fowler

Will Fowler


The Fowler’s are apparently friends of RO’s family.  RO attended a lecture given by Fowler.  The Fowler name is mentioned in the diary 4 times.





Another of RO’s horses.



Aunt Harriette

Aunt Harriette is mentioned once (Dec 1849) and in the same reference with other Crommelins (Julia88 and Mary89).  It is possible she is RJ’s22 Aunt Harriet Crommelin - wife of RJ’s father Robert Crommelin’s brother David (see below).  RJ’s grandfather was Charles Crommelin: b. 22 Aug 1722.  Charles had 3 wives as follows:


Marriage 1: Marie Brockholts: b. about 1725; d. about 1750.  No children.


Marriage 2: Sarah Marie Roosevelt: b. about 1720; d. about 1754.  Children:


Charles Crommelin: (1751 - before 1770); no children

James Crommelin: (1763 - 1808)


Marriage 3: Sarah Fish: b. about 1744; d. about 1775.  Children:


Charles Crommelin: (about 1770 - before 1820)

Robert Crommelin: (1772 - 1815) - RO’s grandfather.

David Crommelin: (before 1775 - after 1820).  Married to Harriet.


The 1840 US Census indicates a “Harriet Cromeline” living in Brooklyn, who was a head of house and whose age (born between 1790 and 1794 when blended with the age of David’s wife in the 1820 Census) would make her belong to RO’s grandfather’s generation, consistent with the concept that she is a “great aunt.”





Aunt Julia Crommelin

Julia R. Crommelin:  b. about 1815 in Brooklyn, NY; d. 15 Apr. 1856 in Brooklyn, NY.  Aunt Julia is the youngest sister of RJ22.  The 1850 US Census shows her living with Aunt Sarah Degrauw76 and T.A. Degrauw5 in Brooklyn.  Her age is listed as 25, which must be a fabrication or a scribal error since this age would make her born 10 years after the death of her father.  Errors of this magnitude have been found in the Census, an example being RO’s sister Emma21 (b. in 1824) being listed as age 24 in 1860 and 44 in 1870.  Julia is buried in Green-wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, apparently never married.





Mary Crommelin

Mary O. Crommelin: b. 1801 in Brooklyn, NY; d. 14 Nov 1881 in Brooklyn, NY.  Never married.


Mary is RJ’s22 sister, therefore RO’s aunt.  She is mentioned in the diary 3 times.





Grandma Betts

Elizabeth Coe Betts: b. 1779 in Brooklyn, NY; d. 13 Nov. 1855 in Orange, NJ as recorded in the diary.  Married about 1795 to Thomas Betts: b. about 1765 in Flatbush, Queens, NY; d. before 1819 in Flatbush, Queens, NY (Eliza’s wedding announcement in 1919 NY Newspaper indicated she is the daughter of the “late” Thos. Betts).  Children of Elizabeth and Thomas per the 1810 US Census:


Unnamed Female: (born between 1795 and 1800)

Unnamed Male: (born between 1795 and 1800)

Eliza Betts Crommelin39: (1772 - 1815) - RO’s mother.

Unnamed Female: (born between 1800 and 1810)

Unnamed Female: (born between 1800 and 1810)

Cornelia Betts Loomis10: (1813 - 1853)

Sarah Coe Betts24: (1814 - after 1880)


Elizabeth is RO’s maternal grandmother.  Grandma is mentioned in the diary 6 times.  See also discussion regarding her two sisters Mary Coe99 and Susanna Coe98.





Louise Crommelin: b. 26 Jun 1850 in Brooklyn, NY; d after 1932 in Los Angeles.  Married to William Henry Duckwitz: b. Mar 1850 in Brooklyn, NY; d. between 1900 and 1910 in Orange, NJ.  Married 16 Oct 1873 in Brooklyn, NY.


Louise, RO’s and Ade’s3 first child is born at 3:30pm and weighs 10 3/4 pounds.  She was baptized by Rev. John A. Paddock105 18 Apr 1858 at St. Peter’s Church in Brooklyn, NY.  Louise is mentioned in the diary 6 times.


Louise was author of the children’s book, What Thelma Found in the Attic, published in 1899.  Louise and William had two daughters:


Lillian R. Duckwitz: (1874 - 1957), an artist, unmarried.

Helen Louise Duckwitz: (b. after 1880 - 1894)




Van Valen

Van Valen appears to be a friend exclusively of RO, since the two appear to do things together involving other men, and not involving Ade3.




A.M. Ryder

Alfred Mitchell Ryder: b. 1802 in NYC; d. 28 May 1845 in Brooklyn, NY.  Married to Emeline Gifford16.


Alfred is Ade’s3 father.  His name appears only once in the diary (28 Apr 1851), though there are also several trips that Ade and her mother make to Green-wood Cemetery, in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn to visit his grave (14 Mar 1848 & 9 Aug 1848).


Alfred is the son of Mitchell Ryder: b. about 1775 in NYC; d. between 1820 and 1830.  Mitchell’s mother was Margaret Mitchel (born about 1775), from when comes the “Mitchell” first or middle names seen so many times among her descendents.  A.M.’s mother is unknown.  A.M. and his siblings listed by order of birth per the 1820 census:


Unnamed male: (b. between 1794 and 1802)

Alfred Mitchell Ryder

Sarah Ryder Davis58: (1804 - after 1870)

Edgar T. Ryder4: (1806 - between 1870 & 1880)

Henry V. Ryder53: (1810 - between 1870 & 1880)

Unnamed female: (b. about 1812)

Stephen Ryder48: (1815 - after 1880)

Unnamed Female: (b. about 1816)





Onion is a gentleman who appears exclusively after the death of Charles L Barnes82 and who travels to Portsmouth, NH with RO to see Charles’ parents (Capt. & Mrs. Barnes54) upon the news of Charles’ death (24 Nov 1851).  It appears Onion is employed with retrieving the body of Charles (7 & 12 Jan 1851) and bringing it back to Green-wood Cemetery in Brooklyn for burial.




W.H. Bernard

Mr. Bernard

Kate Bernard

William H. Bernard: b. 1804, in NY; d. after 1870 presumably in Brooklyn, NY.


RO is introduced to W.H. Bernard 10 Mar 1852, and a few weeks later RO leaves his employment at D.R. & Co. and enters into a partnership with Bernard.  15 months later, R.O. indicates in the diary on 23 Jul 1853, “Dissolved with W.H. Bernard & paid him in full of all demands.”  On the other hand, the following articled appeared in the New York Daily Times, Wednesday July 27, 1853:


“THE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between the subscribers under the style of BERNARD & CROMMELIN has this day been dissolved from business by mutual consent, William H. Bernard retiring from business.  ROBERT O. CROMMELIN is duly authorized to settle the affairs of the said firm.



New York, July 23, 1853.

The subscriber will continue the Stock and Exchange business at No. 54 Wall st., on his own account



Nine months after RO formed his partnership, RO’s first son was born and he named him William Bernard Crommelin97, indicating a significant honor to his partner.  It is noteworthy that RO did things with his partner socially during and even after the partnership is dissolved.


The 1870 US Census confirms that Wm. Bernard is a retired merchant (worth $100,000).


Wm. Bernard is mentioned in the diary 7 times.  Kate Bernard is his daughter.


It is possible, though unlikely, that Wm. Bernard was the owner of “Bernard’s Panorama” which was viewed 3 times by RO (e.g. 15 Jan 1848), but not likely.  RO does not actually meet William until 4 years later, and would probably have met him during one of those viewings.




Robt. C. Degrauw

Robert C. Degrauw: b. 1825 in Brooklyn, NY; d. 23 Mar 1852 in Brooklyn.  Son of Eliza Ann (or Eliza S.) Crommelin (1803-1830) who was married to William L. Degrauw (1799-1846).  Unmarried.


Younger brother of T.A. Degrauw5, and 1st cousin to RO.  Mentioned once in the diary.




Wm. Bernard


William Bernard Crommelin: b. 23 Dec 1852 in Brooklyn, NY; d. between 1880 and 1900 Married about 1875 to Anna N.: b. 1855 in NY; d. between 1880 and 1900 in South Orange, NJ.


William, RO’s and Ade’s3 second child is born at 3:10am.  He was baptized by Rev. John A. Paddock105 18 Apr 1858 at St. Peter’s Church in Brooklyn, NY.  Willie, named after RO’s first business partner95, is mentioned in the diary 5 times.


Willie and Anna had two sons:


Robert Oscar Crommelin: (1876 - 1905) suicide by pistol shot; unmarried

Frank Marten Crommelin: (1881 - 1927)


Frank has living descendents.




Aunt Susy

Susan Coe

Susanna Coe: b. 14 Jul 1793 in Newtown, Queens, NY; d. 5 Nov 1870 in Brooklyn, NY.  The diary provides many clues that suggest the relationship of Aunt Susy, as being an “Aunt” of RO’s mother Eliza Betts Crommelin39.  This is confirmed by external sources, most notably in a history of the Coe family, Robert Coe, Puritan, Published 1911, page 109:


“She was probably the Susanna Coe of Brooklyn who d. Nov. 5, 1870 leaving no husband, child grandchild, father, mother, brother, or sister; but nieces Susan E. Woodward79 of Brooklyn, Sarah C. Betts24 of Newtown, and Elizabeth Crummelin39.  Her will dated July 22, 1868, probated Dec. 2 1870, left all estate to Susan Emma Woodward, Eliza Louisa Woodward, Mary A. Woodward, Cornelia Betts Woodward, and Adeline Furman Woodward. (Kings Co. Wills, vol. 41, p. 275.)”


Aunt Susy is living with her sister Mary A Coe99 as she is mentioned together with her sister in the diary 4 times, and only once by herself.  Their living together is indicated in the US census in 1840, 1850 and 1860.  The 1840 US Census identifies the older Mary Coe as “head of household” on the same page and immediately above the name Cornelia Loomis10 (spelled “Lumis”).  Cornelia is an aunt of RO (sister of RO’s mother - see above), and daughter of Elizabeth Coe Betts90 (“Grandma”) with whom she is living in the later 1850 US Census.


That these women are 1840 neighbors is consistent with the will of their father Benjamin Coe (see quote under Furman46): b. 11 Jun 1741 in Newtown, Queens, NY; died 9 Mar 1821.  Married (2nd) 1 Nov 1770 to Elizabeth Edsall: b. about 1758 in Newtown, Queens, NY; d. before 1840 in Newtown.  Benjamin was Captain in the Revolutionary War and later served in the NY State Assembly, then as Sate Senator from Queens County.  Children:


Phebe Coe: (1772 - after 1820) Married Aaron Furman (1771 - 1827).  Children:

i.   Grover Coe Furman: (1793 - 1864)

ii.  John Furman: (1796 - after 1860).  Married to Mary E.  (See Furman46)

iii. Susan E. Furman: (1812 - after 1833).  Married to Edward F. Woodward79

Samuel Coe: (1775 - 1781)

Elizabeth Coe90: (1778 - 1855).  Married to Thomas Betts - RO’s “Grandma.”

Mary A. Coe99: (1781 - 1861)

Benjamin E. Coe: (1784 - 1814).  Married to Catherine Nostrand.

Sarah Coe: (1786 - 1809)

Frances Coe: (1789 - 1850)

Susanna Coe


Benjamin’s first marriage was to Phebe Horton.  Children from that marriage: Abigail Coe (married James Burt), and Grover Coe.




Mary Coe

Aunt Mary

Aunt Mary Coe

Mary A. Coe: b. 1781 in Newtown, Queens, NY; d. 4 Dec 1861 in Brooklyn, NY.


Mary is the older sister of Susan Coe98.  RO’s great aunt - sister of his grandmother Elizabeth Coe Betts90.  Mary appears as the head of household in the 1840, 1850, and 1860 US Census.





Miss Aymar & Brother


The Aymars are apparent friends of RO and Ade3.  They are mentioned in diary 3 times.



Lock Catlin

Pope Catlin

The Catlins are apparent friends of RO and Ade3.




Bill Johnson

Miss Bridges (or Mrs. Johnson)

Bessie Johnson


William Johnson married to Miss Bessie Bridges.  Bessie Johnson appears in the Broadway Theatre 12 Mar 1855.  Bill dies some 6 months later.  Bessie died in 1861.


The Johnsons are apparent acquaintances of RO and Ade3.



M. Wheeler

M. Wheeler: RO entered into business with Wheeler 2 Jan 1855, four months after dissolving with David S. Mills, Jr.56  He opens new office space 8 January 1855.  During this partnership RO seems to get more serious about the business, including selling his horses (3 Jul 1855).  RO travels much to drum up business including trips to Albany, Burlington VT, Montreal (sees Niagara Falls), Buffalo, Milwaukee, Chicago, Baltimore and Washington.  The partnership lasts 3+ years, and is over by 13 December 1858, when RO rents his own office space at No. 10 Wall Street.




Charles L.B. Crommelin


Charles Lewis Barnes Crommelin: b. 6 Feb 1855 in Brooklyn, NY; d. 23 Apr 1914 in Newark, NJ.  Married in 1880 to Julia Harrison: b. May 1850 in West Orange, NJ; d. after 1920 in Newark, NJ.


Charles, RO’s and Ade’s3 third child, is born at 1:30am on one of the coldest nights.  He was baptized by Rev. John A. Paddock105 18 Apr 1858 at St. Peter’s Church in Brooklyn, NY.  Charlie, named after RO’s sister Louisa’s14 husband82, is mentioned in the diary 4 times.


Charles and Julia had one son:


Charles Harrison Crommelin: (1881 - after 1930)


Charles may yet have surviving descendents.




Rev. John A. Paddock

Mr. Paddock

Rev. John A. Paddock: b. 1820 in CT; d. after 1870 presumably in Brooklyn, NY.


Reverend Paddock appears at St. Peter’s Church in Brooklyn and preached his first sermon 22 Apr 1855 titled: “Will you be My Helpers.”  A year later he is married.


St. Peter’s is an Anglican church and RO seems to be very actively involved in it.  RO notes the plans to build a “new edifice” and then records the steps that lead to its construction and dedication (16 Oct 1855, 1 Jul 1856, 6 Jan 1857 & 1858) - perhaps RO served on the building or finance committee.  This author’s uncle has a copy of a prayer book that RO received from St. Peter’s in 1858.


RO’s four oldest children Louise91, Willie97, Charlie104, and Allie (Alfred)110 were baptized by Rev. Paddock on 18 Apr. 1858.


RO seems to remain close to Reverend paddock even after he moves to Orange, NJ just four days after the baptism.  In 1861 RO records the death of Rev. Paddock’s child.




Abm. Degrauw

Abraham Degrauw: b. 1823 in Brooklyn, NY; d. about 10 Jan 1856 in Brooklyn.  Son of Eliza Ann (or Eliza S.) Crommelin (1803-1830) who was married to William L. Degrauw (1799-1846).


Abraham is older brother of T.A. Degrauw5, and 1st cousin to RO.  Abraham’s injury in a fire and his funeral 5 days later are his only mention in the diary.




Steele & Wife

Steel is an apparent friend of RO as they twice “made calls” together on the first of the year (a family tradition).  Steel is mentioned in the diary 3 times.




Ed. Belcher


E. Belcher

Theo Belcher


Edward W. Belcher: b. 1831 in NY; d. after 1900 presumably in Brooklyn, NY.  Married 23 Nov 1863 to Clementine Ryder42.


Edward is Ade’s3 brother-in-law.  He is mentioned in the diary 5 times.  Theodore Belcher could be Edward’s brother or father who died 10 Feb 1863.



Sarah L. & Lidia

Sarah Louisa

Sarah Louisa Mills: b. 1848 in Brooklyn, NY; Sarah married Willie Bunker2 7 Oct 1863.


Lydia A Mills: b. 1849 in Brooklyn, NY.


Sarah and Lydia are sisters - daughters of David S. Mills, Jr.56 and Jane A. Gifford Mills34.  They are Ade’s3 1st cousins.




Alf’d. Ryder Crommelin


Allie M

Alfred Mitchell Crommelin: b. 7 Jul 1857 in Brooklyn, NY; d. 3 Sep 1903 (suicide by aconite poisoning) in West Orange, NJ.  Married 15 Oct 1875 in West Orange to Margaret Hull Whiting: b. 12 Jul 1860 in CT; d. 1 Jul 1942 in West Orange, NJ.


Alfred, RO’s and Ade’s3 fourth child, is born at 8:30pm.  He was baptized by Rev. John A. Paddock105 18 Apr 1858 at St. Peter’s Church in Brooklyn, NY.  Allie, named after Ade’s father Alfred Mitchell Ryder93, is mentioned in the diary 5 times.  RO did not correct his mistake on the original name when Allie was born, but did add the middle initial “M” on the summary page at the end.

Alfred and Margaret had 2 daughters who died of childhood diseases and 6 sons:


Estelle Crommelin: (1880 - 1882)

Harold Hull Crommelin: (1882 - 1937)

Alfred Ryder Crommelin: (1883 - 1962); no children

Margaret Crommelin: (1885 - 1887)

Rupert Edward Crommelin: (1888 - 1973)

John Whiting Crommelin: (1890 - 1964); no children

Paul Gifford Crommelin: (1893 - 1973) and grandfather of this author

Phillip Benedict Crommelin: (1896 - 1980).


These 6 brothers have produced a number of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren surviving today (2007).





The Lindsley name appears in the diary only 3 times, but it occurs on two anniversaries and at Christmas.  It is possible these are relatives.




Susie Davis

Susan M. Davis: b. 1834 in NYC; d. after 1858; daughter of Sarah Ryder Davis58.


Susie is Ade’s3 1st cousin.  She is mentioned once in the diary.





Goodwin is RO’s fourth business partner, and last one listed in the diary (1 Feb 1859).  Nothing else is known of him.




Grandma Mills

Sarah Mills: b. 1777 in NY; d. about 3 Jul 1859 (funeral recorded in diary 5 Jul 1859).  Married to David S. Mills, Sr.


Grandma Mills is not related to Ade3, rather is her Uncle David’s mother.  She is mentioned once in the diary.





Emeline Gifford Crommelin: b. 3 Aug 1859 in Orange, NJ; d.3 Dec 1915 in Orange, NJ.  Never married.


Emeline, RO’s and Ade’s3 fifth child and named after Ade’s mother, was born at 4:40am and weighed 10 lbs.


Emeline became a school teacher in the NY Public School system.  She is author of a children’s reader, Famous Legends Adapted for Children, published in 1904, which was widely used in the schools and reprinted for decades.  Copies may still be obtained on the internet.




Oscar Ryder

Os. Ryder


Oscar S. Ryder: b. 1838 in NYC; d. after 1880 presumably in NY; son of Edgar T. Ryder4 (see above).  Married 2 Feb 1860 to Rebecca.  Children: Florence and Murray.


Oscar is Ade’s3 1st cousin.  He mentioned twice in the diary.




John Davis


John A Davis: b. 1838 in NYC; d. after 1870; son of Sarah Ryder Davis58.


John is Ade’s3 1st cousin.  He mentioned once in the diary.




Addie M.

Adeline Mitchell Crommelin: b. 6 Nov 1862 in Orange, NJ; d. 28 Nov 1923 in Orange, NJ.  Never married.


Addie, RO’s and Ade’s3 sixth child and named after Ade, was born at 11am.


Addie became a school teacher in the NY Public school system, like her sister Emeline115.



Charlie Ryder

Charles E. Ryder: b. 1840 in NYC; d. after 1860.  Son of Henry V. Ryder53


Charlie is Ade’s3 1st cousin.  He mentioned once in the diary.





Lillian M. Crommelin: b. 7 Sep 1867 in Orange NJ; d. 27 Jan 1924 in East Orange, NJ.  Married in 1896 to Arthur Cobb: b. Jun 1870 in Louisville, KY; d. 13 Feb 1933 in East Orange, NJ.  No children.


Lillian is RO’s and Ade’s3 7th child.




George Bacon

(Later addition to diary by someone other than RO)

George Bacon Crommelin: b. 22 Dec 1869 in Orange, NJ; d. 13 Nov 1928 in Brooklyn, NY.  Married 1904 in Havana, Cuba to Anna J. Anderson: b. 28 Feb 1877 in Sweden; d. 2 Oct 1954 in Teaneck, NJ.


George is RO’s and Ade’s3 8th child (it is not known who he is named after).  George and Anna had two daughters:


Alice Adelaide Crommelin: (1906 - 1984)

Florence Anne Crommelin: (1907 - 1996); no children


Alice has one child, grandchildren and great grandchildren surviving today (2007).



Robert Oscar - NOT RECORDED

Robert Oscar Crommelin: stillborn Oct 12th 1872 Orange, NJ.  Ninth and last child of RO and Ade3 - buried in an unmarked grave near his parents in Rosedale Cemetery, Orange, NJ.