Crommelin Family Reunion
Blaricum, Holland
Gallery 2010

[Note: If you can help identify some of the people in these pictures,
Miff would be most appreciative...
Please refer to these caption numbers.]

May van Oordt-Crommelin and Ineke Crommelin-Guepin display Crommelin porcelain

"Villa Jagtlust", home of Tijo van Marle and Christine van Marle-Crommelin in Blaricum, Holland,
venue of the Crommelin Family Reunion, June 6, 2010

L to R: - Feyoena Crommelin (daughter of Walter Crommelin and Sannah), Antonia ("Totie") DeKeth-Crommelin,
Christine van Marle-Crommelin, Robert Crommelin, Frits Fabius, Walter Crommelin,
?, ?, Alexander Crommelin, Nina Crommelin, Henk van Oordt, Coen Sandberg

The Hosts: Christine van Marle-Crommelin [daughter of Capt. Rudolph Crommelin and Miek Schorer] and Tijo van Marle

Giles Scott Smith (husband of Christine Scott Smith-Crommelin), Bernard Wickevoort Crommelin and his wife, Feyoena, Sannah (wife of Walter Crommelin),
Walter Crommelin, Henk van Oordt, Coen Sandberg, Hans Gualtherie van Weesel,
Christine van Marle-Crommelin, Robert Crommelin.

Marie Felicia Hélène Crommelin, daughter of Walter and Nina Crommelin

Sannah and Feyoena chat with Totie Deketh-Crommelin - 10 (?)

Feyoena, Sannah, Walter Crommelin, Hans Gualtherie van Weesel., Christine Scott Smith-Crommelin, Henk van Oordt, Coen Sandberg

Alexander Crommelin, Annemarie Sillem-Crommelin, ?, Sophie Donker-Crommelin, Ineke Crommelin-Guepin,
Robert Crommelin, Giles Scott Smith
[Seated:] Govert Deketh and "Totie" Deketh-Crommelin

16 - 14

19 - 21

Bernard Wickevoort Crommelin and his wife
[Seen here:] Robert Crommelin, Mieke Deketh, Hans Gualtherie v Weesel, Bernard Wickevoort Crommelin,
Sophie Charlotte Crommelin, Hans Donker

Liet Koppen-de Kanter, ?
May Crommelin-Huyssen van Kattendijke and Liet Koppen-de Kanter

Hans Donker, Liesbeth Crommelin, Henk Visser
Otteline Crommelin, Frits Fabius, Charlique Crommelin

[Seen here:] Charlique Crommelin, Desiree Crommelin, Sophie Charlotte Crommelin and her
parents, Walter and Nina Crommelin, Henk Visser

Coen Sandberg, ?, Elske Crommelin-van Dijken, Alexander Crommelin, Christine Crommelin, May Crommelin-HvK,
[Foreground back:] May van Oordt-Crommelin, Liesbeth Crommelin, Reinhard Crommelin, Desiree Crommelin


[Center: L to R] ?, Loukie Crommelin, Mariad Crommelin, Hans Gualtherie van Weesel, Frits Fabius,
Claudine Broekhuysen-Crommelin, Tijo van Marle, Charlique Crommelin, Sam Crommelin, Ineke Crommelin-Guepin
[Foreground: L to R] Henk van Oordt, Mieke Deketh, Antonia ("Totie") Deketh-Crommelin, Govert Deketh


32 - 31

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Goodbye everyone! 'Hope you can join us next time!

[Back row:] Reinhard Crommelin, ?, Robert Crommelin,
[Middle row:] Christine Scott Smith-Crommelin, Coen Sandberg, Loukie Crommelin, ?,?, Hans Gualtherie v Weesel,
[Front row:] Hanneke Crommelin-Prisse, May van Oordt-Crommelin, ?

Many thanks to our hosts, Tijo van Marle and Christine van Marle-Crommelin,
for providing such a lovely venue for the 2010 Crommelin Family Reunion!