Crommelin Ancestors








Walter Crommelin in Flanders
(Earliest mention of the name "Crommelin")

Genealogical Records of Jean Crommelin

Les Crommelin et nos Protestants D'Autrefois

"Pearl Beach Legacy" Appendix A
(The Crommelins travelled from France, to England, to India before getting to Australia)

J.H. Scheffer
(Original Book, pubished 1878)

J.H. Scheffer
(Amplified and Illustrated)

Lehaucourt Temple (St. Quentin)
(Early Records of Baptisms, Marriages & Burials)

Charenton Temple (Paris)
(Protestant Temple of Paris and site of Crommelin baptisms and weddings)

Quevilly Temple (Rouen)
(Protestant Temple of Rouen and site of Crommelin baptisms and weddings)

The Crommelins Who Fled From Picardy
(Extracted from the article "Reforme en Picardie..." in Protestantisme Francais, 1859. Source: Gallica)

Claude Daniel Crommelin (1795-1859) during Napoleon's Garde d'Honneur days (1813-1814)
(Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion, principal of the firm Daniel Crommelin & Soonen, Director (1838-1849) and Board member (1851-1859) of the Nederlandse Bank, Amsterdam City council member and member of the Provincial states of North Holland (1846-1851))


La Réforme à Saint-Quentin et aux environs - Du XVIe à la fin du XVIIIe siècle .pdf


"Who's Who?"

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Notable Signatures

Adrian Crommelin

Louis Crommelin

Testart Family

Jean Testart - Last Days of a Robinson Crusoe