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Charenton Psalter, 1612

Below are some images of Les Pseaumes de David mis en rime francoise, chez Nicolas Bourdin, 1612 kindly provided by Mr. Matthieu Durand, curator of the Bibliothèque diocésaine Guillaume Briçonnet at the cathedral of Meaux, France.

An inscription relates that this Psalter belonged to a Protestant pastor in Nanteuil-les-Meaux who forgot to take it with him when he fled following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685. The book is superbly illustrated with hand-colored tempera pictures.

Psalter on Spindleworks

Meaux Cathedral and the Guillaume Briçonnet Library
along the Marne River east of Charenton, France
- repository of the beautiful Charenton Psalter, 1612.