Charenton Church Registers and Records

Church Registers

The Consistory building behind the Temple was effectively the 'Vatican of French Protestantism'. This is where all the highest level decisions were made in France relative to biblical doctrine, administration, and the settling of disputes anywhere in France. This was the final 'court of appeal'. The question arises, whatever became of the Birth, Death and Marriage registers of Charenton after 1685? And what became of all the records of the proceedings and decisions made by the Consistory?

Apparently the chief of police ordered an elder, Jacques Conrart, to turn over all the Birth, Death, and Marriage registers to the State shortly after the church was demolished in 1685. The records were then kept at the Town Hall until May 1871 when fire consumed the building and all the registers.

Fortunately the information contained in these registers were preserved by other interested parties over the years. Here is a chronology of their history:

  • The registers were turned over by elder, Jacques Conrart, to the Charenton chief of police in 1685.
  • The Haag brothers made comprehensive notes of the registers sometime before 1871. [These 'Haag notes' are on microfilm and viewable on Archives départementales du Val-de-Marne.] Haag Notes Index
  • The original registers were destroyed in the fire of May 1871.
  • A century later, Pierre Georges Harmant referred to Haag's notes, organizing the names alphabetically on typewritten pages. However, Mr. Harmant got only as far as the family names starting from "A" to "F" before he died in 1995. These incomplete pages are also viewable on Généalogie Val-de-Marne.
  • Charenton Families in Harmant's Index
    "A" / "B" / "C" / "D" / "E" / "F"

    Fortunately Harmant's pages include the names Amonnet, Burgeat, and Crommelin, but not other desirable names such as Mettayer and Testard. They also include the names of notable pastors such as Allix, Claude, Daille, Drelincourt, and Dumoulin. Thus they serve, at least, as a handy index to our family's names that appear in the earlier Haag Notes which you can see on microfilm. Incidentally, the name "Chammelin" in Haag's Notes also belongs to the Crommelin clan.

    This is a sample of Haag's notes made before 1871.

    This Page 183 of Haag's notes [which appears as P96 on the microfilm] shows Charles Crommelin's baptism on January 1, 1676, along with another baby baptised on the same day.

    Above this entry is seen the burial of Pierre Le Maistre, age 17, son of Jacques Le Maistre (Fermier General in Paris) and Jeanne Crommelin (daughter of Pierre Crommelin and Marie des Ormeaux) on 15 December 1675. [They were married in 1657.] Their son-in-law, Andre (Adrien?) Crommelin was imprisoned in the Bastille for his faith. Thus we can conclude that at least one family member is likely buried at Charenton cemetery.

    Marie Crommelin, wife of Pierre Catelan, secretary to King Louis XIV and his financial consultant, apparently is also buried at Charenton, age 41.

    This is a sample of Mr. Harmant's compiled pages made shortly before his death in 1995.

    Charenton Register Entries with some Family Connection

    Jeremie Burgeat - apothecary at Paris, son of Jean Burgeat, apothecary at Vitry, and of Marie de Marolles, married Jeanne Doublet Nov. 1619. He was buried at Paris 1652-06-13. [Haag Notes P172]
    [The name Burgeat and Doublet figures prominently in our family's history. These people were undoubtedly ancestors of those who married into our family at a later date.]

    Adrien Crommelin - merchant at St. Quentin, son of Jean, merchant at St. Quentin, married Susanne Doublet of Paris, August 1641. [Haag Notes P28]

    Marie Crommelin - daughter of Pierre, merchant at St. Quentin, and of Marie des Ormeaux, married Jean Rondeau, sieur de Monville. Marriage Oct. 1653. [Haag Notes P44]

    Jeanne Crommelin - daughter of Pierre, merchant at St. Quentin, and Marie des Ormeaux, married Jacques Le Maistre, Sieur de la Tratorente, son of Darrey, doctor of medicine at Orleans and Catherine Morrison. Married Dec. 1657. [Haag Notes P50] [Jacques Le Maistre was Fermier General of Paris. Born and died in Paris in 1706, age 78. They had 5 children.]

    Abraham Crommelin - son of Jean of St. Quentin and Rachel Tacquelet, married Marie Boileau, widow of Paul Guenault, apothecary. Marriage August 1658. [Haag Notes P52]

    Angelique Marie Crommelin - daughter of Abraham and Marie Boileau - Baptism 1659-08-10 [Haag Notes P148]

    Pierre Crommelin - son of Abraham and Marie Boileau. Baptism 1660-09-26 [Haag Notes P150]

    Catherine-Jeanne Le Maistre - daughter of Jacques, sieur of La Tratsierie, citizen of Paris, and of Jeanne Crommelin. Baptism 1661-03-20 [Haag Notes P151]

    Jean Crommelin - son of Abraham and Marie Boileau. Baptism 1662-03-26 [Haag Notes P152]

    Jean Rondeau - son of Jean and Marie Crommelin. Baptism 1663-07-01 [Haag Notes P152]

    Susanne Crommelin - Daughter of Adrien, merchant at St. Quentin, and Susanne Doublet, age 23, married Maurin Grotest, sieur of Chesnay, renowned doctor at Orleans, son of Funcharis, doctor, and Priscilla Rayonnier. Marriage January 1665. [Haag Notes P67]

    Francois Amonnet - son of Mathieu, merchant, and of Rachel Houssaye. Baptism 1668-03-08 [Haag Notes P195]

    Marie Crommelin, daughter of Pierre Crommelin and Marie des Ormeaux
    - Married (1) Jean Rondeau, 1 Oct. 1653, Banker in Paris
    - Married (2) Pierre Cadelan, 5 April 1669, at Charenton, Secretary and Financial advisor to King Louis XIV. [Haag Notes P157 ]
    - Buried at Charenton 22 March 1681. [Haag Notes P223]

    Jeanne Crommelin - daughter of Adrien and of Susanne Doublet, married Francois Amonnet, merchant, age 34, son of the late Mathieu, counsellor of the king and elected at Loudun, and of Marthe du Moustier. Marriage witnessed by Martin Amonnet, brother, 1671-11-08. [Haag Notes P198 and/or P60]

    Catherine Crommelin - daughter of the late Louis, merchant at St. Quentin, and of Marie Mettayer, married Jeremie Burgeat, merchant age 26, son of Daniel, citizen of Vitry, and of Anne de Marolles. Marriage at Charenton 1672-07-14. Witnessed by Daniel Crommelin, uncle. [Haag Notes P69 and P177.]
    Jeremie Burgeat, originally from Vitry, and Catherine Crommelin, amassed a great fortune in Paris and became influential. Catherine died in Paris leaving 2 sons and 2 daughters.

    Anne Marie Crommelin - daughter of Adrien, merchant at St. Quentin, and of Susanne Doublet, married Isaac Milsonneau 1673-02-05 [Haag Notes P191]

    Marie Anne Burgeat - daughter of Jeremie/Catherine Crommelin. Baptised 1673-11-01. [Haag Notes P192.]

    Susanne Amonnet - daughter of Francois, merchant, and of Jeanne Crommelin. Baptism 1673-12-20. [Haag Notes P178]

    Anne Crommelin - daughter of the late Louis Crommelin, merchant at St. Quentin and Marie Mettayer, married Isaac Cousin, citizen of Paris, son of Isaac, merchant at Meaux, and of Susanne Courtan. Marriage March 1674 [Haag Notes P72]

    Daniel Crommelin - son of Jean, merchant at St. Quentin and Rachel Tacquelet, married Anne Testart, daughter of Pierre, merchant at St. Quentin, and of Catherine Bossu. Marriage Oct. 1674. [Haag Notes P72] - [This must have been a "banns announcement" because they were married Oct. 28, 1674 at Lehaucourt temple, near St. Quentin.]

    Catherine Burgeat - daughter of Jeremie/Catherine Crommelin. Baptised 1675-02-17. [Haag Notes P181]

    Francois Crommelin - son of Jacob, banker, and of Elisabeth Testard, born on the first, Baptised 1675-08-04. Buried at age 5 at Paris 1680-09-28 [Haag Notes P182 - baptism]

    Mathias Amonnet - son of Francois, merchant, and Jeanne Crommelin. Baptism 1675-10-13. [Haag Notes P183]

    Pierre LeMaistre - son of Jacques and Jeanne Crommelin. Burial 1675-12-15, age 17. [Haag Notes P183]

    Charles Crommelin - son of Daniel, merchant, and Anne Testart. Baptised 1676-01-01 [Haag Notes P183]

    Louis Isaac Burgeat - son of Jeremie/Catherine Crommelin. Born 1676-05-24. Baptism 1676-06-14. [Haag Notes P193]
    [He may be the one whose marriage proposal to Marie Oursel was turned down as mentioned in a letter dated 1696-01-26. Perhaps she found him too young. He would have been 20 and she would have been 28 years old at the time.]

    Adrien Amonnet - son of Francois and Jeanne Crommelin. Baptism 1676-06-04. Born on May 27. Godfather Antoine Crommelin, merchant at Lyon [Haag Notes P193]

    Rachel Burgeat - daughter of Jeremie/Catherine Crommelin. Baptism 1676-06-21. [Haag Notes P185]

    Daughter Burgeat of Jeremie/Catherine Crommelin [perhaps Rachel (above)] - Buried 1676-08-19. Assisted by Daniel Crommelin, merchant, uncle. [Haag Notes P217]

    Marie Rondeau - Daughter of Jean, banker, and Marie Crommelin married Jacques du Vidal son of Jacques and Susanne Camps. Marriage 1676-09-20 [Haag Notes P185 and also P74]

    Francois Amonnet - son of Francois. Baptism 1676-11-08. Godfather Adrien Crommelin, merchant at St. Quentin. [Haag Notes P185]

    Catherine Crommelin - daughter of Jacob, banker at Paris, and of Elisabeth Testard. Baptism 1677-07-11. [Haag Notes P187]

    Jean Cousin - a child of Jean, merchant, and Anne Crommelin. Burial 1678-08-16. Assisting, Jacob Crommelin, uncle. [Haag Notes P219]

    Adrien Amonnet - son of Francois and Jeanne Crommelin. Baptism 1679- [Haag Notes P193]

    Susanne Marie Crommelin - daughter of Jacob, banker, and of Elisabeth Testard. Baptism 1680-10-03. [Haag Notes P201]

    Jacques Burgeat - son of Jeremie/Catherine Crommelin. Born 1680-12-08. Burial 1681-05-01.[Haag Notes P201 / P223]

    Francois Crommelin - son of Jacob and Elisabeth Testart. Burial 1680-09-28, Age 9. [Haag Notes P222]

    Marie Crommelin - wife of Pierre Catelan, financial advisor and secretary of the king, age 41. Burial 1681-03-22. [Haag Notes P223]

    Jacques Burgeat - son of Jeremie and Catherine Crommelin (older sister of 'Louis of Lisburn'). Baptism 1681-05-01. [Haag Notes P223]

    Andre [Adrien] Crommelin - merchant, son of the late Adrien, merchant at St. Quentin, and of Susanne Doublet, married Marie Jeanne Le Maistre, daughter of Jacques and of Jeanne Crommelin, age 28. Witnessed by Adrien Crommelin of St. Quentin, brother. Marriage 1685-02-04 [Haag Notes P210] [A year later Andre [Adrien] was in the Bastille because of his faith.]

    Jean Baptiste Crommelin - son of Jacob, banker, and of Elisabeth Testard. Godfather Jacob Crommelin, brother. Baptised 1685-06-29. [Haag Notes P211]

    Jean Burgeat - son of Jeremie, merchant, and of Catherine Crommelin. Baptism 1685-07-17. [Haag Notes P211]

    Charenton temple was demolished approx. 1685-11-01.

    In summary, amongst the Births, Deaths and Marriages recorded at Charenton, our family is represented in each category. The original documents no longer exist but we can see that a number of family members including Daniel, Charles and Abraham Crommelin, Amonnets, Burgeats, Mettayers and Testards were connected with Charenton. We cannot see the actual signatures of our ancestors who attended Charenton temple, but at least we have a record of their presence there and know something about who their friends were. This is better than nothing.

    Proceedings of the Consistory

    Meanwhile the records of the proceedings and deliberations made by the Consistory went elsewhere and may have found their way to The Hague, Holland where they have since disappeared. The son of pastor Claude lived in the Hague, and this is where pastor Claude sought refuge when he was given 24 hours to leave France. Therefore he may have taken the precious documents with him. The following (untranslated) articles may provide a starting place to find out more about the whereabouts of any remaining Charenton records...

    [See also: Protestant Bulletins 1894 P.549. The library of the Paris-Charenton consistory had 1534 volumes which went to the library of Nouveau Convertis (new Catholics) in Paris. Among these documents may have been the missing proceedings of the Consistory.]

    Source: Protestant Bulletins 1888, P.666

    Source: Protestant Bulletins 1913, P.374