Lehaucourt Registers

Marriage of Daniel Crommelin and Anne Testart, October 28, 1674.
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Handwriting is likely that of Pastor Samuel Mettayer.

Today 28th October, 1674 the marriage was consecrated between on the one hand Daniel Crommelin, Merchant and Banker from Paris, son of Jean Crommelin, linen merchant in St. Quentin & Rachel Tacquelet, his father and mother, and on the other hand Anne Testart, daughter of Pierre Testart, merchant in St. Quentin and the deceased Catherine Bossu, the husband said being 28 years of age and the wife 23 years and a half, said so under the guardianship of her father, Pierre Testart, present at the consecration of the said marriage were from the husband's side his cousins Adrian & Louis Crommelin - merchants at St. Quentin and from the wife's side her earlier mentioned father Pierre Testart, merchant at St. Quentin and her cousin Jacques Le Serrurier, also merchant at St. Quentin, and said husband & wife and family members signed:
Pierre Testart , Daniel Crommelin
Le Serrurier , Anne Testart
Adrian Crommelin , Louis Crommelin