Saint-Jacques Building, St. Quentin, France

St. Jacques Church - Source

(...resting place of Samuel Crommelin (1683-1775)
mayor of Saint-Quentin, France 1731-1732,
and also Jacques, the only son of Isaac Mathieu Crommelin, who died age 6 in 1763)

(Commemorative plaque at the St. Jacques Chamber of Commerce building which has been built
over the site of what formerly was the Saint-Jacques church!)

The Saint Jacques building in Saint Quentin has been the home of the Chamber of Commerce for a long time. During its construction they found many skeleton bones which at first appeared to be unidentifiable. These were gathered in a cellar and a commemorative plaque suggested by the academic society was later affixed:

In this tomb rests many skeleton bones exhumed in 1927 from the old Saint Jacques Church (today the Chamber of Commerce) including those of Samuel Crommelin, mayor of Saint-Quentin in 1731-1732, whose forefathers imported the growing and manufacturing of linen around 1570.

The fact that Samuel was mayor two years in a row was highly unusual. The second year he did it was by virtue of a sealed-letter vote under the auspices of the court.