Daniel's son, Isaac Crommelin (1682-1702)

Daniel Crommelin had 2 children: Charles who was baptised at Charenton (near Paris) in 1676, and Isaac who was born at St. Quentin, France and baptised at Lehaucourt in 1682. In 1681 Daniel had travelled to London to become involved in a business venture (slavery) with Nicolaes van Hoorn whom he had met in Paris. Later van Hoorn became one of the most notorious pirates of the Caribbean.

When Isaac was born in 1682, Daniel was absent - likely already aboard the St. Nicolas bound for Africa and a slaving expedition that would end somewhere in the New World. Attending the baptism ceremony, therefore, were Isaac Testart and his wife, Marie Madelaine Crommelin, cousins of both Daniel Crommelin and Anne Testart.

The baptismal registry reads as follows:

"Today, March 15th 1682, was baptised Isaac, son of Daniel Crommelin, merchant at Paris and of Anne Testart, whose godfather Isaac Testart, merchant living at London, and godmother Marie Madelaine Crommelin, the wife of Mr. Testart, declared that the child was born at St. Quentin on February 23, 1682. Signed Isaac Testart and Marie Madelaine Crommelin"

Daniel's venture failed when he left the ship at Cadiz, Spain after numerous displays of Van Hoorn's cruelty. Daniel lost his investment but at least he was still alive. He then made his way home and eventually settled with his family in England where he rented some farmland at Greenway Court (Kent) near London. It seems Daniel was interested in both real estate and slavery because these occupations were to tempt him again in a future gambit which eventually led him to America.

In the early 1690's Daniel [13th child of Jean Crommelin and Rachel Tacquelet] set out once more with his eldest son, Charles, and two nephews - Robert Oursel and Delachambre - on a ship bound for Jamaica with hopes of entering once again into the slave trade. Robert was the son of Daniel's sister, Catherine [5th child of Jean Crommelin and Rachel Tacquelet who married Robert Oursel Sr.], while the Delachambre boy may have been Jean Delachambre, [son of Jean Delachambre, grandson of Marie Crommelin [2nd child of Jean Crommelin and Rachel Tacquelet] and her husband, Daniel de la Chambre.]

On arrival at Jamaica, however, both nephews Oursel and Delachambre succumbed immediately to the yellow fever epidemic that was sweeping the island nation. Both died within a few days while Daniel and Charles managed to avoid the sickness, making hasty arrangements to flee Jamaica aboard a ship bound for New Yorke.

Daniel's wife, Anne Testart, and son, Isaac, who were still in England later joined the others in New Yorke around 1696, only to die a few years later during the yellow fever epidemic that ravaged New York in 1702. [On May 17, 1696 Anne Testart signed as sponsor at the baptism of a son born to the Streing family.]