Daniel's Land Holdings in Orange County

October 23, 2003

I enclose info on the land in Orange County which Daniel owned, or in which Charles is mentioned in some regard to it later, or any mention of their land.

I have made a list of all those transactions in chronological order. There are large gaps, and I am not sure where Charles or Daniel lived all the time. According to the NY Historical Society papers, there was land owned in the so-called 'Bushwick Patent' in Long Island near Jamaica Queens. This would now be present day Brooklyn, I believe, and I have maps of that. I will send you everything I have.


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FILM # 0828546 A and B The documents have been transcribed from the original by typewriter. Some of the documents have missing words and letters; often words and names are spelled differently within a document. Many concern the patentees of the original Wawanda or Cromeline patents. Frequently deeds were written years before they were recorded. This abstract does not always contain the date of recording, although attempt was made to record the date of agreement. If two or more dates were abstracted herein, the earlier date will represent the date of the agreement and the later date either the date that the grantor or a witness appeared before a court official to validate the document, or the date of recording.

Many of the deeds relate to undivided land in the Wawandaya Patent which is usually described in fractions and in variations of these bounds: E John Evans patent; N Ulster and Orange Co. line, W hills east of Minisink, and S NY/NJ state line. I tried to spell the names correctly, but was unfamiliar with many and the film was so dark and the hand writing difficult that many are not spelled correctly or the same from document to document. This is meant to be used as a referral document so that one can look up the original film for more information.

Greycourt - In 1716, there was a settlement made at Greycourt by Daniel Cromline, Esq. This gentleman, we believe, lived on Long Island, and in 1704, in company with several others, purchased out the interest of Philip Rockeby and Hendrick Tenyck in the patent of Wawayanda, and in the year first named, built what was known for a century afterwards, by the name of “the Grey Court House.” This was near Chester, on the north edge of the Greycourt meadows, and the farm on which it was erected is now owned by Mr. Jesse Carpenter. We lament the demolition of these ancient structures, as they remind our citizens of their hardy and patriot ancestors, and constitute a valuable portion of the history of the county. The stone which bore the date of this building, marked “D. C. 1716. C. C.” is preserved by being set in the west end of the old stone Bull house at Hamptonburgh. Without that date, it is one hundred to one, the time of the settlement at Greycourt could not have been told.

The following are some of the early records in the County Clerk's Office:

* June 10, 1704 - Philip Rockeby sold his undivided right to Daniel Cromline, John Merritt and Elias Boudinot, on the 10th of June, 1704.

* December 8, 1704 - Hendrick Tenyck sold his undivided right to Daniel Cromline ["Hendrych Tenych to Daniel Crumlyne, sells his 1/12 part in Wawayanda patent"].

* 1705 - Maj. John Merritt and w Jane NYC sell to Daniel Crommelin, merch, NYC, 1/12 part

* Anthony Rutgers to John Evert and Samuel Clowes, Margery, widow of John Merritt granted land to Anthony Rutgers who granted 1/2 to Adrain Hoogland, they also bought from Lancaster Symmes, NYC Everet and Clowes bought from Daniel Cromeling, Anne Hoogland, Christopher Denne, 1724 John Merritt, New London Comm, John Van Horn, Joseph Jening of H, and Widow Martha Ffinch and son Isaac, and Holly sold to Everet.

* 1714 Daniel Cromeline NYC, merch to John Everett and Samuel Clowes of J, Wa and other lands E Evans, pat, N Ul/OR Co line, Westerly by the high lands to the eastward of Minisink, S NY/NJ line, 2/3 of one equal 13 (except Judge Mompesson and son Pinhorn area) (also excep 3,706 acres of ? land by survey of Clowes, Nov last)

* John and Jennett Merrett N L Conn to E and C, attorney Ebenzer Willson and Wm Anderson, witnessed by: Richard Willett and Charles Cromeline, NY (see B 239)