Various Petitions signed by Daniel Crommelin

Feb. 22, 1700

151. i. Petition of the merchants of New York in America.

This province was always governed by powers under the Great Seal of England, independent on the Government of any other place, till the late annexing it to the province of Boston, where the Governor makes his residence, whereby many and great inconveniencies happen to His Majesty's subjects in New York. Petitioners pray that the province may be brought back to its former manner of administration, unconcerned with the Governor of any other place.

Signed, Daniel Crommelin, Paul Droilhet, Gabriel le Boyteulx, James Mills, Rip van Dam, Phillip French, Rob. Watts, Matthew Ling, Adolp Philipses, Gab. Minvielle, N. Bayard, Jacob Mayle, Richd. Willett, Louis Carré, Elie Boudinote, J. Belin, N. Jamain, Dav. Jamison, B. Schuyler, J. V. Cortlandt, W. Morris, Jos. Billopp, B. Aske, Eb. Willson, Ou. Swieten, Miles Forster, Tho. Palmer, Will. Anderson, Tho. Wenham, Rob. Lurting, Char. Lodwick, Stephen de Lancey. Endorsed, Recd. Feb. 24, Read March 5, 1699/1700. Copy. 1¾ pp. [Board of Trade. New York, 9. Nos. 13, 13.i.; and 54. pp. 94–98.]From: 'America and West Indies: February 1700, 21-22', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: 1700, volume 18 (1910), pp. 78-82.


April 16, 1702

343. ix. Copy of Address of the English, French and principle Dutch Protestant Inhabitants of the City of New York to the King.

We, your Majesty's most loyal and obedient subjects of the Province of New York, having certaine advice that the King of France hath against your Majestie's undoubted right publickly proclaimed in the Kingdom of France the pretended Prince of Wales to be King of England, Scotland and Ireland, do with hearts full of just concern and steady resolution humbly pray your Sacred Majestie will confide in our repeated assurances to persevere in our duty and affection to your Royal person and Government, notwithstanding the many false Representations have been made of us. And when we shall receive advice that your Majesty has proclaimed war with France or any other your Majesty's enemies, we do assure your Majestie we will endeavour to the utmost of our power to support your interest and honor, as we have done in all the last war, and will chearfully undertake the burthen and fatigue of a new one, etc.

Signed, Hendrick Metselaw, Wm. Moss, Wm. Robinson, Geo. Stanton, B. Bayard, Richd. Overin, Saml. Loveridg, Jno. Scott, Robt. Watts, Will. Glenero, W. Janeway, John Daly, Wm. Haywood, Henry Howse, Joseph Arrosmith, Tho. Ellison, Peter Morin, David Lyell, Robt. L. Hooper, Joseph Mallinson, Antoney Farmer, Robt. White, Barth. Le Roux, James Bayard, John White, James Wells, Jno. Tuder, jnr., Robt. Lurting, Robt. Anderson, Jno. Crooke, Jos. Wright, Wm. Huddleston, Wm. Teller, Jno. Shepperd, Jan Vinsent, Jno. Finch, Wm. Digges, Danl. Maddin, Anth. Yealloton, Jos. Cleator, Ebenezer Willson, W. Cortland, Francis Vincent, Rip Van Dam, Wm. Smith, Danl. Crommeline, Thos. Davenport, Robt. Skelton, Thennis Dekey, Peter Baunel, Giles Gaudmeau, Lawrence Read, Elias Boudinet, Andrew Stucke, P. White, Wm. Chisnall, Johannes Kip, Jno. French, Tho. Worden, Francois Hullin, Benja. Aske, Ov. Swieten, Saml. Bayard, Matthew Ling, Nathl. Marston, Benja. Fanuel, Richd. Willett, Thos. Burroughs, Stephen Lanney, Will. Morris, Jeremiah Tashill, C. Wolley, John Cholwell, Phill. French, Saml. Bartt, Augustus Lucar, Jno. Ellison, Saml. Vetch, Thos. Wenham, J. Jansen, Paul Droillet, David Jamison, John Corbett, Wm. Anderson, Augustus Jay, Louis Carre, Johannes Cortlandt, John Barbarie, Michll. Handon, Peter Lackman, Caleb Cooper, Walter Thong. Same endorsement. 1 large p.From: 'America and West Indies: April 1702, 16-20', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: 1702, volume 20 (1912), pp. 226-249.


October 13, 1714

67. iii. Address of the Grand Jury for the City and County of New York, to the King, Oct. 13th, 1714.

The loss of so excellent a Queen so filled our hearts with grief that nothing but the succession to the Crown in your most illustrious House was able to comfort us, etc. Notwithstanding our remoteness from your Royal person wee will to the utmost of our power with our lives and fortunes defend your Majesties undoubted right and title to the Imperiall Crown of your realms against all open and secret Pretenders and Conspirators whatsoever, etc.

Signed Richd. Burke, G. Schuyler, Alec. Moore, Phil. Schuyler, Law. Smith, Gerrard Viele, Abra. Keteltar, Jon. Rolland, Jon. Auboyucau, Isaac Gouverneur, Humph. Salusbury, Wm. Provoost, Danl. Crommelin, Marten Clock, F. Vincent, Louis Carre, Nich. Roosevelt. Same endorsement. Copy. 2 pp. [C.O. 5, 1050. Nos. 83, 83 i.–iii.; and (without enclosures) 5, 1123. pp. 287, 288.]From: 'America and West Indies: October 1714', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: 1714-1715, volume 28 (1928), pp. 22-37.