Photo Essay:
Queen Wilhelmina as seen by Marinus Crommelin

by Miff Crommelin

Queen of Holland in the 1890's and her royal monogram.
(Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria; 31 August 1880 28 November 1962)

My grandfather, Marinus Crommelin (1882-1958), was a talented craftsman and one of his many skills was photography. In 1898 he happened to be in the right place to photograph a visit by Queen Wilhelmina soon after her 18th birthday. Wilhelmina was enthroned on 6 September 1898. Shortly after this date she paid her first official visit to Amsterdam where Marinus managed to capture some nice pictures on this rainy day.

Marinus Crommelin and one of the many prizes he won
for excellence in photography.

Dutch citizens gather to catch a glimpse of their new Queen.

The festive bunting merrily displays Wilhelmina's royal monogram.

"Eerste bezoek van de Koningin aan Amsterdam na haar 18e verjaardag.
Fotos op de Dam door mij opgenomen staande in de goot van de N. Kerk, 1898."
("First visit of the Queen to Amsterdam after her 18th birthday.
Photos on the Dam taken by me while standing in the square of the N. Kerk, 1898.")

Queen Wilhelmina takes the salute from her officers before addressing her subjects from the balcony.

"Bezoek aan de Industrie School van meisjes."
("Visit to the Industrial School for girls.")

"Opgenomen van uit ons huis op de Weteringschans."
("Pictures taken from our house on Weteringschans Street.")

Arrow points to the Crommelin residence on the Weteringschans in the late 1800's,
just across the canal from the Rijksmuseum.
The shop on the canal is where Marinus first learned his carpentry skills.

Visit to the Roomsche Katholieke Ziekenverpleging.

"Bezoek aan een schip van de Mv Nederland.
Neef Jan Boissevain is hier op te zien."
The Queen descends the staircase following a reception
aboard a steamship belonging to the Mv Nederland line.

During WW2 this same Queen raised the morale of the Dutch people
through her wartime broadcasts on Radio Oranje originating from London.

Then in 1948 Holland celebrated Wilhelmina's 50th anniversary
as Queen of the Netherlands.

Letter of acknowledgement from the secretary of Princess Wilhelmina
thanking Marinus Crommelin for submitting his old photos to her
on her 75th birthday.