Team 191: Glasenbach, Austria

(Near Salzburg)

Director, Paul Gullion, in foreground, 3rd from right
(pictures by Edward Crommelin)

Glasenbach, Austria: A Camp Consisting of Many Latvian Refugees

The following pictures and information are provided courtesy of Andrew Stabins of Ontario, Canada.
Andrew was six years old in 1946 when these pictures were taken.

The central figure in these pictures appears to be Paul Gullion, director of Team 191, Glasenbach.

There was some sort of official visit by UNRRA and the Latvians at the camp wished to put on a good show and parade.

The women who had taken with them from Latvia their national costumes, or had made them, came out dressed in their native attire.

The choir marching to the altar and podium (below), led by the camp's Latvian primary school principal

Meanwhile the tradesmen also marched in the parade.

(My father, a carpenter by trade, appears in the picture above)

Latvians with their Lutheran minister at the temporary altar