UNRRA Training Centre - Jullouville (Normandy), France

The training school was in a chateau surrounded by a large educational complex. These facilities were built before the war for the benefit of French communist children. Then the Germans occupied it, and later it became the headquarters of General Eisenhower.

Hotel Normandy


UNRRA Training HQ

UNRRA Training HQ

UNRRA Training HQ

UNRRA Training HQ

Final Training Exam given at Jullouville, July 5, 1945

Your Team No. 94 is now made up to full strength (except cook) - see Page 74 SHAEF GUIDE. Your camp is fairly well organised - you have been there 3 weeks. The Military Detachment working with you is commanded by a Captain who has 4 N.C.O.s with him (but they are wholly engaged on security duties). The Captain is new and has been there 3 days. Capacity of the camp is about 5000. You have in the camp: 4000 Poles, 300 Italians, 100 Czechs and 400 Various. The Various are in a section of the camp organised for DP's in transit, and they are all moving on at 12:00 noon. It is now 10:00 hours. At 8:00 hours the Captain receives the following message:

"Seven hundred Polish DP's arriving at a nearby train Station (6 km. from Camp) at 20:00 today (July 5). Forty known to be sick. Party has travelled 18 hours. The 6 NCO's in charge must return immediately to their point of origin. Nominal rolls are incomplete and unchecked. No registration. Arrange to meet and transport to your camp and accommodate 14 days or longer. M.G.X. (10 Kilom. away from camp) arranging 6 lorries to report to you at 18:00 hours."

The Captain could not telephone M.G.X. and decided to visit, but was killed on the way. You heard of this at 14:00 hours. At 14:30 you received a further message asking you to take 300 French DP's into your Transit Section. This message came by Despatch Rider from M.G.X. In your Transit Section, a fire has put your kitchen arrangements out of action temporarily. The General has called for a detailed report.

Make this report and show:
1. Exactly what arrangements were made for meeting, transporting and receiving the 700 DP's.
2. Each member of the UNRRA Team to state exactly what duties were assigned to him or her and comment how they performed such duties - especially show how special difficulties were overcome.
3. CA/d4 must be completed at the conclusion of the operations. (For the purpose of this Exercise, please complete this IN PENCIL).

Nearby Mont St. Michel

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