Residenzplatz in Salzburg with Dom Cathedral

In the period 1945-1952 this
was the headquarters for UNRRA and IRO.

Residentzplatz 1 (arched doorway in center)

Inside the arched doorway, looking out
toward the fountain and Main Post Office

Hofbrunnen, Horse Fountain
looking toward IRO headquarters

Dom Cathedral to the left, IRO HQ to the Right

Heavy army truck rumbles through the passage
between Main Post Office (left) and Dom Cathedral (Right)
with the 'Feste Hohen Salzburg' castle in the background

Idyllic Salzburg street

Lovely Salzburg along the Salzac River,
birthplace of Mozart and setting for the film, 'The Sound of Music' - (Source)

(B/W photos by E.C. Crommelin, 1947
color picture from 'Sound of Music' webpage above.)