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Catherine Crommelin
(1632-1694) - A Huguenot who stayed in France

The letters between Catherine Crommelin and her son, Frederic de Coninck, between 1676-1694 reveal the hardships encountered by families in France being torn apart by religious persecution.

Marie Crommelin
(1639-1681) - Affair of the Poisons

Marie lived in the time of Louis XIV when a sordid scandal rocked Parisian society. The scandal touched close to home with the involvement of her second husband, Pierre Cadelan.

Daniel Crommelin
(1647-1725) - The First To America

An adventurous soul, Daniel's varied exploits took him from France to England, Spain, Jamaica and eventually America where he purchased land in Orange County, New York on which William Bull, a stonemason, built him an inn that became a landmark during the American Revolution.

The Swiss Crommelin Branch

The years 1647-1768 span the 3 generations of Pierre-Etienne, Pierre, and Jean-Pierre who constituted the early 'Swiss Crommelin Branch' of the family.

Louis Crommelin
(1652-1727) - The Linen Expert of Lisburn

Having been invited by King William III to develop the Irish linen industry, 'Louis' emigrated from Holland to Lisburn thus helping to establish a thriving Huguenot community in Northern Ireland.

Jean Testart
(1664-1696) - "Robinson Crusoe" of Rodrigues

Son of Rachel Crommelin, Jean was part of the Francois Le Guat expedition to colonize Rodrigues, a desert island near Mauritius. This band of Huguenots met triumph and disaster when they left their idylic first home only to be captured and stranded on a second desert islet at Mauritius where Jean Testart died while trying to escape.

Charles Crommelin
(1676-1740) - Pioneer Copper Miner in Early America

The trials and tribulations of a pioneer in copper mining at Simsbury, Connecticut, in the early 1700's.

Marie Angelique de la Cherois
(1700-1771) - The Life of a Huguenot Heiress

A study of the Crommelin-de la Cherois connection and the French settlement in Ireland at the beginning of the eighteenth century as seen through the letters and documents of this wealthy heiress.

Daniel Crommelin
(1707-1789) - Daniel Crommelin & Sons Trading Company

Born in the 'New World', Daniel emigrated at age seventeen to Holland where he founded a flourishing trading company that did business between Holland and New York for several generations.

Wigbold Crommelin
(1712-1789) - A Governor-General of Suriname

One of several Governor-Generals of Suriname in the mid-1700's, Wigbold Crommelin still has a street named after him in the country's capital, Paramaribo.

Isaac Crommelin Isaac Mathieu Crommelin
(1730-1815) - The Last Crommelin in France

The story of the last Crommelin in France - his exploits, the notable personalities he met, and his narrow escape from Madame Guillotine during the French Revolution.

Samuel Verplanck Samuel Verplanck
(1739-1820) - The Verplanck-Crommelin Connection

In the early 1700's there was intermarriage between the Crommelin family of Holland and the Dutch-American family, Verplanck, which had come to New Amsterdam as early as 1638.

Charles Russel Crommelin
(1763-1822) - The Crommelins in India

Son of a Governor of Bombay, Charles Russel was in a line of eight generations of Crommelins descended from Marc Antoine Crommelin who settled in India. Charles Russel, like his father, served the East India Company as an administrator.

James Arden Crommelin
(1801-1893) - Of the Royal (Bengal) Engineers

Jamesís military career stretched from 1821 until his retirement in 1843. He was engaged on survey duties in India until 1826, visiting his mother in England while on furlough. A gifted artist, he eventually settled in Darjeeling in the Himalayan foothills where he became a landholder and pioneer in the Darjeeling Hill Railway.

Thomas Lake Crommelin Thomas Lake Crommelin
(1805-1877) - The First To Australia

Born in India, reared in England, Thomas led a boisterous life that didn't end when he emigrated "Down Under" in 1852. He was the founder of the Australian and New Zealand branches of the Crommelin family, and possibly that of South Africa.

George Whiting Crommelin George Whiting Crommelin
(1845-1905) - Australian Pioneer

The harrowing adventures of a young man who helped tame a wild new frontier - Australia in the 1800's.

May de la Cherois Crommelin
(1849-1930) - Author

A prolific Irish/English author and traveller who spent her youth at Carrowdore castle in Northern Ireland built by her forefather, Nicholas de la Cherois Crommelin.

Andrew de la Cherois Crommelin
(1865-1939) - British Astronomer

A specialist in the study of comets, Andrew de la Cherois Crommelin participated in various notable astronomical expeditions, wrote numerous papers, articles and books, and served as a resident astronomer at Greenwich Observatory.

Minard Fannie Crommelin
(1881-1972) - Pearl Beach Legacy

Minard was an active environmentalist and ecologist in Australia long before such vocations became mainstream.

Marinus Crommelin
(1882-1958) - Versatile Tradesman

Marinus was a skilled photographer, carpenter and businessman involved in various pursuits such as brick-making and commercial advertising.

Crommelin Brothers
- The 'Dixie Demons' of Alabama

Five brothers who graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, and who then served with distinction in WWII in the war against Japan.

Rudolph (Ru) Crommelin
(1908-1993) - Royal Dutch Navy

Son of Claude August Crommelin, Ru had a distinguished career in the Royal Dutch navy, based in Indonesia and South Africa during WWII.

Edward Constantin Crommelin
(1914-1982) - UNRRA ScrapBook

After the war, Edward worked for the UNRRA and IRO in Austria from 1945 to 1952 before emigrating to Canada with his family.

Antonia Catharina Deketh-Crommelin
Een fijne jeugd

Totie beschrijft de leuke jeugd die zij dankzij haar ouders heeft mogenmeemaken in Holland en in andere landen.

Jeanne Rosen-Crommelin
Life at Ďt Malster

Jeanne recalls the joys of growing up in idyllic Brummen, Holland.

Hendrik de Kanter
Uitvinder "Par Excellence"

Henk vertelt uitvoerig over zijn vernuftige creaties; zijn uitzonderlijke hobby en zijn familie relaties via een interessante foto gallerij.

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