Daniel Crommelin


1647 - Born at

1681 - Daniel left his family in Paris having been engaged by Nicolas Van Hoorn to participate in a slavery expedition to Spanish America. Instead, Daniel disembarked at Cadiz, Spain and subsequently left for England where he leased agricultural property at Greenway Court (Kent), England over a period of 12 years.

1682 - Birth of son, Isaac, in St. Quentin.

1685 - Repeal of the Edict of Nantes in France by King Louis XIV. This led to renewed persecution of the Huguenot population causing many to flee to neighbouring countries and overseas.

1693 - After working leased farmland at Greenway Court (Kent), England, Daniel left London for Jamaica in February 1693 on another failed business venture which saw the deaths of two nephews, Robert Oursel Jr. and DelaChambre, due to a highly contagious yellow fever outbreak on the island nation. Daniel and his son left Jamaica end-January, 1694 bound for New York, arriving there in March 1694 where the family was eventually reunited in 1695.

1696 - Daniel's wife, Anne Testart, signed as a sponsor at the baptism of Gabriel, son of Daniel and Charlotte Streing on May 17, 1696 ( records of the French Church, N.Y. ).

1698 - Daniel and his son Charles were admitted as Freemen of New York on June 10, 1698.

1702 - Year of the yellow fever epidemic which saw the deaths of wife, Anne Testart, and son, Isaac, age 25 at New York. Isaac was not married.
- 5 September - Petition of some Inhabitants of New York to Governor Lord Cornbury against Mr. Attwood and Mr. Weaver. Daniel Crommelin and Elias Boudinot were amongst the signers. Source

- 17 September - Epidemic: Proclamation stating, "Whereas it hath pleased Almighty God for our sins, immoralities and prophaness to visit the city...with great sickness & mortality....17 September 1702". New Jersey and Philadelphia were rife with epidemics for many years.

1703 - New York census which shows only "Mr. [Daniel] Crommelin and child [Charles]."

1706 - Nov. 7 - Daniel's son, Charles, married Anne Sinclair [Born 1690, New York, Died 1743]. Anne Sinclair was the daughter of Robert Sinclair (and a grandaughter of Lord Orkney) who was of Scottish origins and a descendant of James V, King of Scots. Her mother was Maryken/Maria Duyckinck, who belonged to one of the first Dutch families to settle in North America. [Anne Sinclair's portrait was destroyed in the 1911 fire at "de Lathmer" along with numerous other family portraits.]

1707 - Nov. 11 - Birth of grandson, Daniel. "A Son named Daniel was born the 11th day of November 1707, between 10-11 of the Clock at night; was presented to the Baptism in the Dutch Church the 19th of ye said Month, by Daniel Crommelin, his grandfather and by Mrs. Mary Sinclair, his Grandmother; and baptized by Mr. Du Bois, Minister of said Church." [ref.: Charles' family Bible]

1709 - Nov. 5 - Birth of granddaughter, Marie Crommelin. "A Daughter, named Mariana, born the 5th day of September, 1709, between Two and Three of the Clock in the afternoon, was presented to the Baptism in the Dutch Church the 11th of said month, by Mr. Garrett Duyckinck by Proxy for Mr. Peter Daille, Minister of the French Church in Boston and by Mrs. Mary Duyckinck, the wife of said Garrett Duyckinck. Baptized by Reverend Mr. Du Boy." [ref.: Charles' family Bible]

1710 - November - Death of granddaughter, Marie Crommelin

1711 - July 17 - (July 20, 1712 by another record.) Birth of second granddaughter named Marie who later married Gulian Verplanck. "A Daughter named Mary, born between 11-12 of the Clock at night; was presented to the Baptism the Sunday following at the Dutch Church by Mr. Garrett Duyckinck and Mrs. Ann Hoagland and Baptized by the Rev. Mr. Antonides, Minister at Flatbush." [ref.: Charles' family Bible]

- July 6 - Birth of granddaughter, Anne. "A Daughter named Anna, born 6th July, 1714, at 6 of ye Clock in the morning, was presented to the Baptism in the Dutch Church, 11 of said Month, by Mr. Daniel Crommelin, her grandfather, by Proxy for Mr. John Cottin of Kingston and by Wintre Byranck; and Baptized by Rev. Mr. Du Boy." [ref.: Charles' family Bible]

1715 - January 27 - Death of granddaughter, Anne

- November 5, birth of granddaughter Elizabeth. She later married Gabriel Ludlow. "A Daughter named Elizabeth, born 5th November, 1715, was presented in Baptism in French Church, the 20th of said Nov. by Mr. James Kenandet, by Proxy for Mr. James Smith of the Island of St. Thomas and by Mrs. Elizabeth Hoagland, and baptized by Rev. Lewis Kow, Minister of said Church." [ref.: Charles' family Bible]

1718 - Feb. 13 - Birth of grandson, Robert. He later married (1) Elizabeth Ellison, and (2) Elizabeth Willoughby of Norfolk, Va. "A Son, named Robert, born 13th of February 1717-18 at 6 of the Clock at Night, was presented to Baptism in the French Church the Sunday following by Mr. James Dupre and Mrs. Catharine Carron and Baptized by Rev. Lewis Kow." [ref.: Charles' family Bible]

- Dec. 16 - Birth of second granddaughter named Anne. She later married John R. Myers. "A Daughter named Anna, born 16th December, 1719, at 11 of the Clock at Night, was presented to Baptism in the Dutch Church Christmas Day Evening by Mr. Gerardus Duyckinck and Mrs. Harrica Stootenburgh and Baptized by Rev. Mr. Du Boy." [ref.: Charles' family Bible]

- Aug. 22 - Birth of grandson, Charles. He later married (1) Marie Rosevelt, and (2) Sarah Fish. "A Son named Charles, born 22nd August, 1722, between 11 and 12 of the Clock in the night, was presented to Baptism in the Dutch Church the 29th of the same month by Revd. Mr. Dwight Duyckinck and Mrs. Mary Duyckinck. Baptized by Rev. Mr. Duboy." [ref.: Charles' family Bible]

1724 - Grandson, Daniel, emigrates to Holland at age 17. He later became a successful entrepreneur by setting up the trading company, Daniel Crommelin & Sons.

- April 15 - Death of Daniel at New York. Buried at Trinity Churchyard. Early records show the family attending the Dutch Reformed Church but by 1725 the family must have been attending Trinity.

- December - Daniel's son, Charles, receives a Bible from Holland and inscribes into it all the pertinent dates of his family. "New York, in America, December 1725; this Bible presented to me, Charles Crommelin by my Aunt Madeline Esther Duyckinck in Rotterdam; in the above year, the which Bible cometh from my dearest grandfather Mr. John Crommelin." [ref.: Charles' family Bible]

1739 - January 8 - Death of son, Charles, 60 years of age, at New York. Buried at Trinity Churchyard. His last days (or years) were spent as a merchant in the town of Rye, N.Y. This is on the coast opposite Long Island. Today it is considered an affluent NYC suburb close to the ritzy commuter town of Greenwich, and not far from New Rochelle. "Our Father, Charles Crommelin, departed this Life ye 8th of January, 1739, at two o'clock in the afternoon, aged 60 years." [ref.: Charles' family Bible]

1740 - April 22 - Charles' will (of 27 May, 1732) was proved.

1741 - Abt. November (or somewhat before) - Thomas Duncan and Joseph Read both merchants of NYC were appointed as Trustees for " Charles Crommelin, late of Rye, merchant, dec'd ". He inherited land in Orange County from Daniel in the Wawayanda Patent. This was known as " Gray Court Farm ". The property lots were numbered 3, 6. Often land transactions were not entered into the record until many years later and that is the case here. The above information was placed on record in 1765. [Source: DEEDS VOL C-D, Orange, New York - Copyright 2000 by Phoebe Cortessis - Page 3 of 7, 2nd down from the top]

1743 - September 8 - Death of Charles' wife, Anne. Believed to be buried next to Charles at Trinity Churchyard, New York City. "Our Mother, Anne Crommelin, departed this Life ye 8th September, 1743, at 10 o'clock in the Morning, aged 52 years." [ref.: Charles' family Bible]