Le Havre in Pictures

(The port city at the mouth of the Seine River)

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This page shows the old center of Le Havre where Catherine Crommelin,
living at 35 Rue d'Estimauville, wrote to her son, Frederic de Coninck in the late 1600's.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Le Havre

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Cardinal Richelieu, governor of Le Havre from 1626 to 1642, induced Louis XIII, in 1627, to protect the coasts of France against the English. The engineer, Pierre Conty d'Argencourt, quickly received a royal commission for the construction of a Citadelle at Le Havre. This vast quadrangle contains barracks, a chapel, living quarters for the officers and n.c.o.s, around a parade ground which could hold 3000 troops.