The Family: Marie Crommelin's Chronology unusual story about the Marie Crommelin-Rondeau-Cadelan family

Digging into history can lead to some surprising discoveries, not all of them favourable. Here is a typical survey of one old family as we understood it, based on Jacob Crommelin's genealogical notes that were written in 1712 and published in Scheffer's archive of 1878.

The family in question is that of Marie Crommelin, daughter of Pierre Crommelin and Marie des Ormeaux. Pierre was a brother of Jean Crommelin/Rachel Tacquelet.

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Brief Chronology:

  • 1639 - Marie Crommelin was born at St. Quentin

  • 1653 Oct. marriage of Marie Crommelin (age 14) + (1)Jean Rondeau Sr., Paris banker, at Charenton temple (Paris).

    Over a period of 14 years of marriage they had 8 children: 6 girls; 2 boys.

    • Marie R. + Jacques du Vidal - no children
    • Jeanne R. + M. Delas - one son
    • Henriette R. + M. de Belmont - one son
    • Anne R. + M. Gline - no surviving children
    • Madelaine R. + Samuel Vauquet - several children; fled to Amsterdam
    • Marianne R. + M. de Gollancourt - no children
    • Jean Rondeau Jr. + Susanne Crommelin - several children, boys and girls
    • Pierre R., died single

    1656 edition of a New Testament sold at Charenton temple.
    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 of the Marriage Ceremony at Charenton temple.

  • 1663-07-01 baptism of son, Jean Rondeau Jr. at Charenton temple.
    This child, Jean Rondeau Jr., became a successful wholesale merchant in St. Quentin. He married a cousin, Susanne Crommelin - daughter of Abraham Crommelin and Marie Boileau.

  • 1667 July 18 - Jean Rondeau Sr. died.

  • 1669-04-16 marriage of (2)Pierre Cadelan + Marie Crommelin, widow of Jean Rondeau, banker, at Charenton temple.
    This was her second marriage. She was now age 30; he was 32. Pierre became a banker, financial consultant and secretary to King Louis XIV. [The secretaries of the King were officers established to sign the shipments of the Chancery and the orders of the royal court. They formed a large body - at that time there were some two hundred forty. The privileges they enjoyed were considerable. In general it was the first level at which rich financiers were able to leave behind their commoner status. [Bastille archives, Vol.4 P.328]
  • Marie and Pierre had another child, Catherine Cadelan, who married a wealthy military officer.

  • 1676-09-20 marriage of daughter, Marie Rondeau + Jacques du Vidal, at Charenton temple

  • 1681-03-22 burial of Marie Crommelin, wife of Pierre Cadelan, at Charenton temple, age 41.

  • 1692 marriage and [Part 2] of son, Jean Rondeau Jr. + Susanne Crommelin at St. Jacques (R.C.) church in St. Quentin, both having abjured for some time.

    Susanne Crommelin, wife of Jean Rondeau Jr.,
    a successful wholesale merchant at St. Quentin. Click to enlarge.

  • 1693-03-11 marriage and [Part 2] of daughter, Marie Anne Rondeau + Etienne Francois Pelleton, Seignr. de Gollancourt at St. Jacques (R.C.) church in St. Quentin.

    This is about as much information as we can gather from the Scheffer/Jacob Crommelin account. Nothing much unusual appears about this survey of Marie Crommelin's history. She had a goodly number of children by her first husband, Jean Rondeau Sr., who was a well-to-do Paris banker. Their children married well - one to a Crommelin cousin. Weddings and burials were conducted at the Protestant temple at Charenton (Paris). Thus we can conclude that all were Protestants before 1685. Her second husband, Pierre Cadelan, appeared to have a responsible position in the court of Louis XIV as his secretary pertaining to financial affairs. And their only child, Catherine Cadelan, married well.

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