St. Baafs Cathedral - Ghent, Belgium

St. Baafs Cathedral, Ghent

I was visiting Ghent last week searching for namesakes! I dropped into the City Archives to check what they had on file there concerning our family name. I found this:

* I found in the crypt of the St. Baafs cathedral a leaded window with the Crest of the Crommelin family (ref. pictures). I have no further information on this. Actually, I was looking in this crypt for a tombstone of a Crommelinck (who - according to the church registers - was buried in the cathedral around 1720), but I never found the tomb or stone.

** In the City Archives I found several letters (in French) addresses to a weaver in Ghent. Many of these letters came from St. Quentin and were signed by Pierre Samuel Crommelin, resp. Henry Samuel Crommelin. Some letters originated from Amsterdam, signed by Louis Crommelin. Reading one of the letters I understood Louis to mention he was the brother of Henry! All letters were dated around 1694 and very neatly written. It may be important to note that one of those letters contained an undamaged seal, where the family crest was clearly visible.

*** Still in the City Archives I found the name Crommelinck associated with the following documents:
- Inventory statement ca. 1663 of Jacques Crommelinck (with traces to Courtrai)
- Sales act dated ca. 1708 of a certain Joannes Crommelinck
- Official bankruptcy report, dated 1709 of Joannes Crommelinck

Limited time allowed me to scan the documents only very superficially, but at a next opportunity I will further investigate these 3 points. And I will try to make copies for you. Does any of this mean anything to you? Let me know!

With kind regards,
Wilfried Crommelinck
September 20, 2004