Crommelin Addresses in Amsterdam

Family members visiting Amsterdam might like to pass by the addresses of houses that were formerly owned by their forefathers. The image below is an old list found by Maryse Trannois in the Protestant museum in Paris.

Another address is that of the wealthy young man, Claude August Crommelin who died relatively young.

Meanwhile the wealthy banker, Jacob Willem Hendrik Crommelin (1844-1919) and his wife, Clara Wilhelmina Wilkens, (1847-1919) and 5 sons (Daniel, Aubin, Marinus, Walter and Henri) lived on the Weteringschans across the canal from the Rijksmuseum in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Clara Wilhelmina Crommelin-Wilkens at her desk, possibly at Amsterdam or at Reehorst, about 1900