New Arrival:
Hugo Michiel Robert Crommelin

Proud grandparents, Elske and Mariad Crommelin, are pleased to announce the birth of their second grandson, Hugo Michiel Robert Crommelin, on September 24, 2016 at Amsterdam.

The happy parents are Jeroen Crommelin and Evelien Opwijrda. Hugo now is the younger brother of Pieter, born January 2015. All are doing well.

Jeroen's older brother, Michiel, and his wife, Ellen, happened to be on vacation in British Columbia when Hugo was born. Therefore this happy event was also shared with Miff Crommelin in Mission, B.C. with whom Michiel and Ellen were visiting at the time!

Michiel and Ellen Crommelin visiting with Miff Crommelin
in Mission, B.C. Michiel is holding a set of Encyclopedias written
by Isaac Mathieu Crommelin, published in France in 1775 - a recent acquisition.
Michiel is currently the Chairman of the Crommelin Foundation.