'Mini-Reunion' in Vancouver, Canada
February 27-28, 2004

There aren't too many Crommelins living in North America, so any opportunity for a few to meet together is considered a 'reunion'. One such gathering took place when Elizabeth Bunce-Crommelin and her husband, Huston, from Astoria, Oregon and Henk de Kanter from California paid a visit to Milfred (Miff) and Edward (Bix) Crommelin in Vancouver in 2004. Family friend, Lisa Eneborn, served as hostess. Accommodations were arranged at a nearby hotel and the first order of business was to get acquainted at Bix's house.

Huston Bunce and Henk de Kanter (foreground)
Miff Crommelin and Elizabeth Bunce-Crommelin (background)

Henk and Elizabeth both brought photo albums and historical documents with them which were scanned and incorporated into a family history CD. Miff also produced a large number of documents and memorabilia for perusal. Bix was absent due to his work committments.

Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, B.C.

We had lunch at the Seasons in the Park restaurant at Queen Elizabeth Park with a fine view overlooking the city. Unfortunately the weather was somewhat cloudy and wet. Queen Elizabeth Park (formerly a rock quarry) has a lovely 'sunken garden' which is filled with a variety of ponds, waterfalls, bridges and flowers.

Henk and Elizabeth at a scenic viewpoint, Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver

Following a stroll around Queen Elizabeth Park, we made an excursion through the lovely Bloedel Conservatory which has all manner of tropical and desert vegetation in various 'micro-climates' inside this geometically-designed greenhouse. As an inventor, Henk de Kanter was a pioneer in the construction of geodesic domes having met with R. Buckminster Fuller. On a cool and drizzly day, it was nice to step into the 'tropics' for short while.

Bloedel Conservatory

Henk and Lisa Eneborn at Bloedel Conservatory, Queen Elizabeth Park

The next day more time was spent poring over family documents followed by some more sightseeing such as the Anthropology Museum at the University of British Columbia (below) and the nearby Japanese Nitobe Gardens which, unfortunately, happened to be closed that day. Then there was a visit to Vandusen Gardens by Huston and Elizabeth while Henk and Lisa went on a tour of Science World inside a geodesic dome. Miff stayed home to scan documents brought by Henk and Elizabeth. Elizabeth Bunce loves plants and gardening, so she bought a lot of plant material at Vandusen Gardens. Unfortunately it all got confiscated at the border when she returned home to the U.S.! The mini-reunion was capped by a farewell dinner at the lovely Tea House in Stanley Park. This was a memorable, informative and enjoyable visit which we hope to have again some day.

- Miff Crommelin
Vancouver, March 2004

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Anthropology Museum, U.B.C., Vancouver - Home of some historic totem poles

1980 - Oregon, USA

Shortly after the death of Edward's wife, Martina Crommelin-van Abkoude, in 1980, Edward and son, Bix, travelled from Vancouver to California to visit with Henk de Kanter. Enroute they met with some Crommelins in Oregon...

Gene & Dr. Rudolph Crommelin, Edward Crommelin,
Elisabeth Hinsdale-Crommelin (sister of Dr. Rudolph) & Howard Hinsdale
(Click to enlarge)
(Elizabeth Bunce [mentioned in the above 'mini-reunion' in Vancouver] is the daughter of Dr. Rudolph Crommelin
and his first wife, Anna Elisabeth Nolz.)

Edward, Elisabeth, Gene, Bix Crommelin, 1980
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Edward ("Bix") Crommelin

Greetings from

Milfred ("Miff")