Folembray, between Chauny and Coucy

Yesterday, we went to Folembray. It is a beautiful small peaceful village. As we suspected, the castle doesn't exist any more. In its place is a glass factory (glass-making) which made crystal and chandeliers, then bottles. Now there is also a riding school. There is always hunting and chases in this region thus horses, dogs and game (deer, hinds, roe deers).

Folembray Glass factory

There is another castle which was built in 1859 on the cellars of the former castle. That would not be impossible because the property was immense. I send you 2 photos of the glass factory (glass-making), on the site of the castle where your ancestor got married, and also a photo of the current castle.

[Jehan Crommelinck - His parents were Armand Crommelin and Susanna Jossedr de Wale. Born 1560 in Castle Ingelmunster, Kortrijk. Died May 1, 1640 in St. Quentin. He married Marie de Semeries who was born 1580 in St. Quentin, France. Her father was Jacques de Semeries, Lord of Camas; her mother was Marie Vignier. They married December 17, 1595 in Castle Folembray (between Chauny and Coucy) and had 15 children.]

M. Trannois
March 11, 2002