Daniel's Residence
Built by stone mason William Bull, 1718

(Photos courtesy of Mark and Carol Roe)

The faint outline of the original entrance can still be seen around the center window.

East end of the residence that is now the home of Mark and Carol Roe.

The house has been in the Roe family for several generations.

Interior view showing the center window where the original entrance used to be.

This is where the Crommelin family's history in the U.S.A. began.

The massive original hand-hewn beams were stained black in the 1940's.

Steps leading to the room upstairs.

The fertile meadow outside Daniel Crommelin's residence.

Visiting the old, old, old homestead

Town of Chester Historian Clifton Patrick greets Robert J. Fleming (the Crommelin’s son-in-law),
Mary Ann and Paul Crommelin.
(Photo by Leslie Smith)

Paul and Mary Ann Crommelin, descendants of Daniel Crommelin, visited Chester recently.

Daniel Crommelin once owned a 3,066-acre plantation called Grey Court, which encompassed parts of Chester, Goshen and Blooming Grove.

In the early 1700s, Crommelin had Irish stonemason William Bull construct the Gray Court Inn on King’s Highway, which was completed in 1716.

Bull then built Crommelin a house nearby, which was completed a few years later. Crommelin sold Gray Court in 1720.

The Crommelins, who currently reside in Lancaster, Pa., were surprised to learn that while the Gray Court Inn was razed in 1732, Daniel Crommelin’s house survives to this day.

Mark Roe is pictured in front of the Crommelin house last fall.
(Photo by Clif Patrick)

( Source: The Chronicle )

Photos by Robert Fleming

Paul and Mary Ann Crommelin (left) are warmly received by Mark and Carol Roe
inside the old, old homestead in July, 2007.

Ye olde fireplace...