Daniel Crommelin (1647-1725) and son, Charles:

(The First Ones in America!)

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Daniel Crommelin (1647-1725), and his son Charles Crommelin (1676-1739)

(The above portraits are copies of the originals that were painted before the originals
were destroyed in the "de Lathmer" fire of 1911.
They are now in the possession of Mariad Crommelin in Holland.)

Daniel & Charles Crommelin's history
(prior to coming to New York around 1695)
1674 Marriage of Daniel Crommelin and Anne Testart
1676 Charenton (Paris): Baptism of son, Charles
1681 Involvement with Nicolas Van Horn, pirate
1682 Birth of second son, Isaac
1686 Greenwaycourt, Kent, England
1694 Daniel and the Two Orphans in Holland
1694 Arrival at New Yorke

French Baptisms in New York
(The attendance of Anne Crommelin-Testart at a baptism on May 17, 1696 [and also March 10, 1700] suggests that Daniel could have been in New York as early as 1694 having fled the 1694-95 yellow fever epidemic in eastern Jamaica.)

Petitions signed by Daniel
Various (1700 - 1714)
1701 Petition to King William III and Signers
1702 Weaver Fraud Petition and resulting 1703 Proclamation
1706 Disloyalty Hoax
1724 French Church Dispute

1702 New York Epidemic
(The year 1702 saw the deaths of wife,
Anne Testart and son, Isaac)

1703 New York Census
(New York inhabitants in 1703 lists
only Mr. Crommelin and his child.)

Daniel's Land Holdings
1704 Land Acquisitions Begun

Gray Court
1716 Daniel's Gray Court Inn
1718 Daniel's Residence
1720 Lien Against Gray Court
2006 Discovery of Deed
"Tales of Greycourt Inn"
- a chapter in "History of the Minisink Region"

Son - Charles Crommelin
"Copper Mining Pioneer"

1725 Burial at Trinity Churchyard Cemetery

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Great Grandaughter - Judith Verplanck-Crommelin
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Commander of the British invasion force)

Panels for an exhibit on well-known Saint Quentin travellers,
amongst which Daniel Crommelin, prepared by Maryse Trannois, July 2011