Daniel Crommelin (1707-1788)

Daniel Crommelin was born in New York, 11 November 1707 to parents Charles Crommelin and Anne Sinclair. After emigrating to Holland from New York in 1724 at age 17, he became a 'poorter' (freeman) of Amsterdam on 26 June 1737. In Amsterdam on 30 October 1736 he married Marie le Plastrier (daughter born in Amsterdam 11 October 1711 to M. le Plastrier and Mme. Cognard). Daniel became a successful merchant as founder of the house Daniel Crommelin & Sons which continued on for several generations. His firm made large loans to the United States shortly after the American Revolution. Daniel died in Amsterdam 18 January 1788. His wife, Marie le Plastrier, pre-deceased him on 30 March 1776 and was buried in Amsterdam 4 April 1776.

Daniel Crommelin and his family

The unknown painter depicts Daniel seated in a domed room at Hofrust (Muiderberg) with his wife, Marie le Plastrier, surrounded by their five surviving children, of the ten born to them. Judging by the age of the children the family may have been painted in 1753 or 1754.

The eldest son, Robert Daniel (born 23 April 1741), and later Daniel's associate, is standing in the foreground. He hands his father a small bundle of documents. These probably concern business matters. Also the masted ship under sail (seen in the left hand corner of the window) will probably have something to do with Daniel's overseas business.

Daniel's youngest, Marianne Aimée (born 26 August 1752), is balancing herself by pulling at her father's right sleeve, which causes him to reach with the left hand for the parcel from his eldest son.

Behind the table stands the eldest daughter, Judith (born 16 September 1739). The young lady did not lack daring, judging by her marriage at 21 to an American cousin, Samuel Verplanck, with whom she crossed the ocean to eventually die in New York at the age of 64. One should not wonder that she met Samuel Verplanck in Holland; he learned commerce at Daniel's office. With the looking glass, which she holds in her hands, she probably watched the ship (which remains at a safe distance because of the infamous Muidersands) as it passed. Already Judith dreamt of America, her father's native land.

Next to Judith stands her sister, Johanna Susanne, (born 26 June 1742), who later married another member of the family, Benjamin Martinus Crommelin.

The youngest son, Gulian (born 4 November 1743), leans against his mother with confidence. Later he also became an associate of Daniel.

Not only was Muiderberg a summer retreat for the family, but Daniel's aromatic cedar wood was stored there - an important commodity in the business of the firm.

The painting was lost when the Crommelin residence, "de Lathmer" caught fire following a gas explosion in the summer of 1911.

The children of Daniel Crommelin and Marie le Plastrier were:
* Daniel, born 3 August 1737, died 8 August 1738
* Anne Judith, born 25 May 1738
* Judith, born 16 September 1739. Married Samuel Verplanck, 1761.
* Robert Daniel, born 23 April 1741 in Amsterdam. Married in Amsterdam 1769 to Maria Elisabeth Noortwyck (daughter born in Amsterdam 21 August 1751 to Claude Noortwyck and Elisabeth de Haan). Robert Daniel died at 'Hofrust' in Muidenberg 1 January 1808. His wife pre-deceased him at Amsterdam, 28 March 1798.

Their children were:
** Claude, born in Amsterdam 30 November 1769. Died in Amsterdam 2 October 1824.
** Samuel
** Elisabeth Maria, born in Amsterdam, 31 December 1772. She married in Amsterdam 21 March 1800 Ds. Johan Leonard Wolterbeek, widow of A. Groenewoud.
** Gulian Daniel
** Susanne Maria, born in Amsterdam 20 June 1780.
* Susanne, born 26 June 1742. Married Benjamin Martinus Andreas Crommelin.
* Guillaume
* Jacob, born 30 April, 1745
* Elisabeth Charlotte, born 5 December 1746
* Anne Marie, born 25 April 1749
* Maximillane Aimee 26 August 1752. Married Jacob Charles Souchay, 'predikant by de Waalsche Gemeente in Naarden'.