1942 Dutch Wartime Shortwave
Radio Broadcasts

Ed Crommelin's shortwave receiver built from
an Italian kit (Model: 'Galozo')

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1942 Dutch News Broadcasts (.mp3):
Date: YY-MM-DD

D42-03-15 Mr. Wolf (vendor) speaks in 'Proefstukje' of record cutting machine
D42-05-06 Queen Wilhelmina Laments Death of 72 Dutch Hostages
D42-05-09 Radio Belgie announces 3 Catholic days of prayer
D42-05-10 Salute to the people of Holland (English)
D42-05-11 Max Blokzijl (Quisling): Commentary on the second year of war in Holland
D42-05-14 Lament on the lost glory of Rotterdam
D42-05-25 WCBX - Netherlands 'Good Will' Program
D42-05-25 WCBX - Station Identification
D42-05-28 'Radio Flitspuit' - Clandestine Dutch Mobile Radio
D42-07-13 'De Notenkraker' - Dutch Quisling Radio
D42-07-13 Max Blokzijl - Dutch Quisling Propaganda Chief
D42-07-23 Queen Wilhelmina visits the Dutch community in Boston
D42-08-06 Pres. Roosevelt hands a U.S. warship over to the Dutch under the Lend Lease Agreement
D42-08-06 President Roosevelt's speech to Queen Wilhelmina
D42-08-06 Queen Wilhelmina addresses U.S. Congress
D42-08-06 Queen Wilhelmina's speech in Congress translated into Dutch
D42-08-08 Allied Sing Song - Songs of Belgium and Holland (English)
D42-08-12 The sadistic professor Jan de Vries of Arnhem
D42-08-15 Five Dutch Hostages shot in reprisal for derailment of German troop train (English)
D42-08-15 Jan Moedwid - 'Drive the Germans Out!'
D42-08-16 'Amsterdam Sold Out'
D42-08-31 Queen Wilhelmina's birthday celebration
D42-09-01 Music to celebrate Queen Wilhelmina's birthday (English)
D42-09-01 Queen Wilhelmina's birthday tribute
D42-09-07 Flying Fortresses bomb targets in occupied Rotterdam and Utrecht (English)
D42-09-24 Cities Under Nazi Rule - 'Rotterdam' (English Radio Play)
D42-11-01 Dutch soldiers holding out against Japanese in Borneo (English)
D42-12-07 RAF daylight raid on Philips factory in Eindhoven (English)
D42-12-12 Soccer match between Belgium and Holland ends in a scoreless draw (English/Dutch)
D42-12-17 Dutch government workers to be relocated closer to Germany (English)
D42-12-25 'Battle of the Java Sea' (English Radio Play)
D42-12-31 Joseph Goebbel's New Years Message (German)