Wartime Radio Broadcasts

Ed Crommelin (1914-1982)

(Clandestine recordings made by Edward C. Crommelin
in occupied Holland during World War II.)


A Reflection - Miff Crommelin

Article - "A Matter of Record" (1968):
(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

Dutch Wartime Recordings
(Recordings in the Dutch Language, or wartime news about Holland)

    1942 Dutch War Recordings
    1943 Dutch War Recordings
    1944 Dutch War Recordings
    1945 Dutch War Recordings

Radio Program: C.B.C. "War Record" Program
(A documentary featuring Ed Crommelin's wartime recording work.)

The Side Show...
(A collection of comedy and music that raised the morale of the Allies and the people of occupied lands.)

Printed Materials:

Centraal Distributie Kantoor (CDK)

Radio Bode - 1940 May 24

Vrij Nederland - 1940 August

Imperator - 1941 February

Speech by Adolf Hitler - 1941 December 11 - Franklin D. Roosevelt is to Blame for the War

NSB Propaganda Bulletin - 1941 December 14

Nederlandsche Arbeidsdienst - 1942 May 3

Star Weekly - clandestine wartime photos taken in Amsterdam by Kryn Taconis

Dutch Red Cross - Correspondence with a British POW in Germany

Vrij Zwolle - D. Wijnbeek

Liberation Newspapers - 1945