1944 Dutch Wartime Shortwave
Radio Broadcasts

Ed Crommelin (1914-1982)
(Clandestine recordings made by Edward C. Crommelin
in occupied Holland during World War II.)

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1944 Dutch News Broadcasts (.mp3):
D44-01-20 "Queen Wilhelmina's Navy" booklet published
D44-01-30 Berlin Radio - Hitler Speech
D44-01-30 Hitler Speech - Part 2
D44-01-30 The fiasco of Hitler's war - Vklop
D44-03-27 Maxine Sullivan (Cockles) - Attack on Ymuiden's E-Boat base
D44-04-05 Hollandia (Dutch New Guinea) bombed
D44-04-08 Dutch cabaret music
D44-04-10 Mockery of unfulfilled German boasts
D44-04-10 Odessa is in Russian hands
D44-04-30 Princess Juliana speaks on her birthday
D44-06-05 Rome is liberated by the allies
D44-06-06 D-Day - Allies have landed in Normandy
D44-08-23 "Moffen!" - Paris is liberated
D44-09-03 Order to Dutch Underground forces from Prince Bernhard
D44-09-03 Instruction to Dutch Underground forces (Part 2)
D44-09-05 Antwerp liberated - British troops reach Breda
D44-09-06 Allies enter Holland
D44-09-07 Allies are advancing into Holland
D44-09-07 Assault of V1 flying bombs on London is over
D44-09-07 Bulgaria liberated by the Russians
D44-09-09 Princess Juliana has returned to England
D44-09-12 Allies enter Germany
D44-09-12 Gen. Dempsey's Tanks fighting around Eindhoven
D44-09-17 Allied Airborne invasion of Holland ("Market Garden")
D44-09-17 Instructions to the Dutch underground
D44-09-17 Warning to the Dutch underground
D44-09-17 Warning to the people of occupied Holland
D44-09-22 Airborne troops land at Arnhem
D44-10-14 Bombing of Walcheren dykes - serious flooding in Holland
D44-10-14 Dutch Prime Minister Gerbrandy speaks
D44-10-14 Razzias - Forced labour imposed on the Dutch