1943 Dutch Wartime Radio Broadcasts

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1943 Dutch News Broadcasts (.mp3):
D43-01-20 Princess Juliana gives birth to Margriet in Ottawa
D43-02-04 Max Blokzijl warns of Bolshevik menace
D43-02-08 News on the death of General Seyffardt
D43-02-28 Destruction of allied tanks and planes
E43-03-02 Bomber raid on Berlin
D43-03-09 We are a day closer to our liberation - Vklop
D43-03-11 And yet we will get those Germans! - Vklop
D43-03-28 Bombing of Rotterdam shipyards and tribute to Royal Air Force
D43-03-28 Dutch keep up their resistance
D43-04-11 Holland Calling - Dutch Quisling radio
D43-04-24 Rotterdam and tribute to mariners
D43-05-08 The capture of Tunis and Bizerta by the allies
D43-05-10 Queen Wilhelmina on the 3rd anniversary of occupation
D43-05-15 Daylight raid of US bombers on Velsen
D43-05-17 All radio sets in Holland to be confiscated
D43-05-22 Rout of the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto
D43-05-31 Anton Mussert - Dutch Quisling Leader
D43-06-29 Christening service of Princess Margriet in Ottawa
D43-07-14 The exploits of a Royal Dutch Navy submarine
D43-07-17 Flying Fortresses bomb industrial targets in Amsterdam
D43-07-23 Air attacks on Surabaya - Dutch East Indies
D43-07-26 Bombing of Schiphol airport and Fokker factory in Amsterdam
D43-07-26 Mussolini resigns, Marshal Bodelio takes over
D43-08-05 Princess Irene's 4th birthday
E43-09-03 The invasion of Italy from Sicily
D43-09-03 The invasion of Italy from Sicily
D43-09-05 Queen Wilhelmina speaks
D43-09-08 Eisenhower's words on the surrender of Italy
D43-09-08 Italy surrenders unconditionally
D43-09-25 Smolensk and Briansk fall to the Russians
D43-09-25 Smolensk and Briansk
D43-09-27 Exploits of a Royal Netherlands Navy vessel in English Channel
D43-10-09 Sounds of German Jamming

The shortwave radio, nicknamed "Struyk", broke down on November 1, 1943.
It had to be secretly repaired and was back in operation on January 11, 1944.