The 'Side Show'

(Comedy and music - Morale boosters recorded in Zwolle, Holland
via shortwave radio during World War II)

Ed's calendar book with shortwave radio programs
that must be listened to!

Tape 5: - 1942 - Vera Lynn, Hi Gang!, Sandy McPherson at the Theatre Organ, Command Performance, In Town Tonight,
Bob Hope
Tape 6: - 1942 - Reginald Foort on the Theatre Organ, Sydney Torch on the Theatre Organ, Jack Payne Orchestra,
England, Our Home for Evermore!, Old Kentucky Home, No Matter What Some Folks Say, Tipperary, Allied Sing Song - Holland,
Joe Marsala Orchestra (live from New York), Jack Benny & Rochester, George M. Cohan - 'Over There!',
Command Performance
Tape 7: - 1942 - Mates and Men (Royal Navy), In Town Tonight, Kay on the Keys, -1943- Kentucky Minstrels, Stephane
Grappelly (violin), Sandy Macpherson at the Theatre Organ, March of the Movies (Robert Donat, Deanna Durban), ITMA -
'It's That Man Again' (Tommy Handley), Lambeth Walk, Worker's Play Time (for the midnight war workers)
Tape 11: - 1942 - Vera Lynn, Mail Call, This is the Army (Irving Berlin), Bob Hope, Monday Night at Eight, Sandy's Half Hour, Mail Call, Happidrome ('We Three'), 'Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond', 'Spice of Life', Victor Sylvester Orchestra, Stephane Grappelly ('Soft Shoe Shuffle'), Music While You Work, Kingpins of Comedy, Fred Hartley Orchestra
Tape 12: - 1943 - Happidrome, Kentucky Minstrels, Mail Call, Old Town Hall, Bob Hope, Vera Lynn, Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, 'I've Heard That Song Before', Ink Spots ('This Is Worth Fighting For')

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ITMA - "It's That Man Again" (Tommy Handley)

Reginald Foort - at the Theatre Organ

Sandy Macpherson - at the Theatre Organ ('Sandy's Half Hour')

Sidney Torch - at the Theatre Organ

Command Performance - Bob Hope

Bob Hope - Somewhere in the South Pacific

Kentucky Minstrels - "Smiling Through"

Kentucky Minstrels - "O Dry Those Tears"

Worker's Play Time - Theme song Calling All Workers composed by Eric Coates

Desert Island Discs - Theme song Sleepy Lagoon composed by Eric Coates

Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again

Joe Marsala Orchestra - Gotta Be This Or That

The Jack Benny Show

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