1945 Dutch Wartime Radio Broadcasts

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1945 Dutch News Broadcasts (.mp3):
D45-01-17 Warsaw Liberated, Tribute to Poland
D45-01-17 Warsaw & Krakau Liberated
D45-01-17 Allies have crossed the Rhine
D45-04-13 Roosevelt Dies
D45-04-15 Canadians 2 km from Amersfoort
D45-04-16 Russians near Berlin
D45-04-18 Starvation in western Holland
D45-04-24 Instructions on Food Drops
D45-04-25 Victory in Poland, Hunger in Leiden
D45-04-26 V2s on London, Petain arrested
D45-04-27 East meets West at Torgau on the Elbe
D45-04-27 Torgau, Bremen, Goering, Mussolini
D45-04-28 Himmler offers unconditional surrender to US & Britain
D45-04-29 First food drops in Holland, Mussolini executed
D45-04-29 Eyewitness Report on Food Drops
D45-05-02 Hitler is Dead, Food Drops
D45-05-02 Commentary on Hitler's Death
D45-05-03 Germans in Italy Surrender
D45-05-05 Holland is Free
D45-05-06 Germans Defeated in Holland
D45-05-07 May 8 to be VE Day
D45-05-08 Rejoicing over Victory in Holland
D45-05-08 Joyous Bells and Celebration
D45-05-08 The Sounds of Celebration
D45-05-08 Terms of Surrender Imposed on Germany
D45-05-45 Germans capitulate in occupied lands