Spotlight #9

The War Record

In this issue of Crommelin Journal we turn the Spotlight on Edward Crommelin's historic collection of sound archives. In this issue we feature the 'War Years' of 1942-1945 when Ed made clandestine recordings in occupied Holland using a shortwave radio and a portable record-cutting machine hidden under the floor of his living room in Zwolle, Holland.

Charenton: A Protestant Temple Near Paris

The year 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. When Martin Luther posted 95 grievances on the church door at Wittenberg, Germany in 1517 he unwittingly launched the Protestant Reformation. To mark the occasion Miff Crommelin has prepared a program about Charenton Temple. This church near Paris was the headquarters of Protestantism in France during the 1600's and served many of our Huguenot ancestors.

Frank Crommelin

Frank Crommelin:
A Promising Legal Profession Cut Short

At age 19 Frank (aka 'John') joined the army and was sent to the Western Front in Pozieres, Somme, France as gunner in the Australian Field Artillery. He was among several soldiers who were embarking upon a legal profession. His battery was hit by a German shell which exploded 35 rounds of howitzer ammunition. Frank Crommelin and five others were killed.

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Jean Crommelin's Bible

Notes referenced in an old booklet entitled Gabriel Ludlow and His Descendents alludes to the existence of Jean Crommelin's family Bible [whereabouts currently unknown] which contained information about the births of Charles Crommelin/Anne Sinclair's children in early America.

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Anthony Benezet

Anthony Benezet was a great-grandson of Rachel Crommelin and Pierre Testart. Like William Wilberforce in England, Anthony (Antoine) Benezet was a vigorous opponent of slavery in America.

In Memoriam:

Robert Wilcox Crommelin (1928-2017)

In Memoriam:

Richard Henry Crommelin Pugh (1927-2017)

One of Richard's daughters reflects on the life of her father - an accomplished man who enjoyed researching his ties to the Crommelin family, and who contributed much to our knowledge of the 'India branch' of the family through his essays that appear on the Crommelin Family website.

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